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*Where Oh Where Have I Been!?

By Keepingupwithsonnek @aJOschlomka
It's no real news that we have been BUSY- but we're all busy right!? We all just define busy a little bit differently...
*Where Oh Where Have I Been!?*Where Oh Where Have I Been!?
 [priorities: powerful words providing clarity, appreciating family & time spent with friends who understand]
*Where Oh Where Have I Been!?*Where Oh Where Have I Been!?
For me, for us, busy is... taking pictures and looking back at them a week later [and saying] "awe, oh that was fun!" :D
Busy is... not being able to go to the movies, or go to the mall or getting my nails done [THAT is fun] but that can also wait. I DID however make time to get my hair done- those GREYS CANNOT wait... and I am NOT trendy enough to rock the newly, 'highly fashionable'!? greying hair look. It's cute... but not for me. :/
Busy is... running Avrie back and forth to school three days a week JUST to finish up the school year and not having to miss a day with her first year of school friends and her sweet & kind preschool teachers. Oh and dance... there has to be that dance factor in there.
Busy is... keeping in touch with friends that are ALSO busy- whether it be via a text, a snap, a group me message, an instagram [my life line], A PHONE CALL or an email [but way TOO BUSY too send out snail mail] BUT either way that little bit of contact each day, makes my day, so I thank you! :')
On that note, busy is... responding to friends texts hours and HOURS later because... I read your text and responded to it in my mind. Thank you for your patience ;)
Busy is... WORK! So much to do, NEVER EVER enough time or ever enough days in a week- but that's the case for everyone, so that's all I have to say about that.
Busy is... stopping what I'm doing to write down that one thing I JUST thought of so that I don't think of it at 2am and it keeps me awake for hours in the middle of the night. Wait, maybe that's just a MOM/OCD thing!?
Busy is... saying a million times over and over and over...  "just one second, mom has to finish this first." or taking a "break" to keep Avrie busy by playing legos on the floor and building lego girl, Mia's, pool, slide & radio [for the zillionth time]. a side note: Avrie is so much like her dad and I- she loves to have the company of others near her... to be by her... even if I am sorting papers or writing bills, as long as we are on the floor with her, she's cool with that.
Busy is... getting to the grocery store ONLY when there is NOTHING left to scrounge together to make a decent meal for my family. Only to end up buying anything and everything that sounds good... strawberries, Oreo's, "circle" cheese and lime-ade :P
Busy is... living amongst towering piles of boxes, house decor and personal belongings scattered EVERYWHERE because- we just can't do it all in one day.
Busy is... being late, everywhere, all of the time [but then again for ME that's normal] ;)
Busy is... not getting [an hour] out of town to visit with my BEST FRIEND in almost a YEAR!!!! Thank goodness we broke that streak last month. Thankfully Lana is like a sister to me and just get me, and TOTALLY understands. <3 br="">
Busy is... forgetting to eat a full meal [and using up all of those groceries that I just bought] it's usually a bite here or there- or lunch at about 3pm or cold pizza rolls [slightly burnt] that I took out of the oven over an hour ago [which by the way MIGHT be my new fav thing, yum!] 
Busy is... forgetting to mention the cookie dough that I bought on my last grocery run, popping them into the oven and then forgetting about them... the timer when off, Aaron was too busy to check on them, they burnt, I threw them away- but not before I ate one of those crispy things soaked in some milk! [not yummy] :Z
Busy is... running out the door in my slippers and NOT shoes!? YICKS... BUT catching myself before stepping into my car.
Busy is... paying bills at the VERY last second online, of course. :/
Busy is... reading 1-2 pages on my Nook before bed and waking up as the Nook crashes down onto my face- and not giving a care what. so. ever. ZZZzzzzzzz 
Busy is... starting a new TV show and only getting into the first 2-3 episodes.
Busy is... falling asleep in the WORST possible sleep position on the couch... watching approx 13 minutes if said variety of recorded DVR'd shows.
Busy is... thinking all about those blog posts that I WISH to someday get documented.
Busy is... not being able to stop at 'bou for an iced mint condition or campfire... WAIT... that's a LIE- never too busy for COFFEE!!!
Busy is... forgetting what it was that I was just about to write....

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