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Where Media is Headed

Posted on the 07 March 2013 by Morage @kebmebms

This was breaking news yesterday:

Facebook will reportedly launch content-specific news feeds

It's yet another announcement, another development in the field of media. It seems like they come out weekly, if not more frequently. And so many companies, in it from The New York Times to Netflix to Yahoo! and Facebook, the Huffington Post and then the TV Networks and who knows who all.
And the thing is, what I don't think most people who aren't in media realize is that this is where media--all media--is headed.
All these companies see that what they need to do is to be a multi-media source for their readers/viewers and on all kinds of technology platforms. That is, computers, phones, tablets, everything. They're all headed this direction.
That is, they're all headed that direction if they realize that's where society and technology are headed.
The younger people are, the more they already are and the more they will use their personal technology--whatever it is--to access news, weather, entertainment, everything. It's already here and it's only going to get more so. It's where we're all headed, like it or not.
The time is coming, and very soon, when people will only have either a cell phone or a tablet (possibly both but likely only one) and they'll access the internet and phone calls, all through the one device. Count on it. It only makes sense.
And those media sources, be they newspaper or TV or movies or whatever, who don't realize and work for this will be desperately, pathetically, even tragically (if that's where you make your living) left behind.
Hear that, Kansas City Star?

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