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Where is the US in the World Today?

Posted on the 18 November 2011 by Isiswin @Isis_Win

Where is the US in the world today?

By Isis Win

Arguing the political and social scenes in the US can not be done without taking a deep peek into the money matters. Politics and people affect the economy and the economy affects both too. But most people rather discuss the political aspects of the rhetorical debates between parties, like if that addresses what truly matter for the country, people and their personal preferences. Up to a grand extent, people prefer to indulge into the political talks from a place mostly loaded with ignorance. Mostly focusing on the issues that they judge are a defying measure of the well-being and future of the country. Such as abortion that should have nothing to do with politics. Abortion is a constitutional (Roe v. Wade -1973) and legal issue and the irony of the case is that, although there is a separation between government and church, people bring their religiously based ideas into the political world. Like if that will have anything to do with the country. But as well, advocating against the right to abortion will not deliver the believed intent: to halt the indiscriminately use of abortion and to protect the right to birth. I’ll tackle this fascinating topic in an upcoming blog. However, I want to deliver some facts about politics and social stats, directly related to the economy.

Ask people you don’t know, preferably an American about what triggers their love and respect for the their nation. You’ll find that the top answers fall one way or another one in the supremacy the US has exhibited in many fields, such as economy, military, research in science and technological fields. Most Americans love the fact that their nation is the #1 in the world. Something that is rather easy to understand.
The US had achieved its predominant place in the world thanks to several financial factors, starting by the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) ( GDP creates the PPP (Purchasing parity power) (, same the defines how a currency will pair to other currencies. We all know the Dollar, is the dominating world’s currency.

Early this year the reported GDP – PPP of the ten top richest nations presents this order

#1 USA   GDP – PPP = $14.66 trillion. Unemployment = 9.6 %
#2 China   GDP – PPP = $10.09 trillion. Unemployment = 4.3 %
#3 Japan   GDP – PPP = $4.31 trillion. Unemployment = 5 %
#4 India   GDP – PPP = $4.06 trillion. Unemployment = 10.8 %
#5 Germany GDP – PPP = $2.940 trillion. Unemployment = 7.1 %
#6 Russia   GDP – PPP = $2.223 trillion. Unemployment = 7.6 %
#7 UK   GDP – PPP = $2.173 trillion. Unemployment = 7.8 %
#8 Brazil   GDP – PPP = $2.172 trillion. Unemployment = 6.7 %
#9 France   GDP – PPP = $2.145 trillion. Unemployment = 9.3 %
#10 Italy   GDP – PPP = $1.774 trillion. Unemployment = 8.4 %

These are the reported numbers from CIA World FactBook

Next to these numbers there are other factors to be considered but the list would be to large for this blog. For example: Population, source of revenue, natural resources, industrial, scientific and manufacturing resources, etc. I suppose you get the point. But as well, there is one major consideration to be accounted for: The national debt.

The point I am trying to make is to entice your attention in all the elements that can put a nation in peril. And the reason, my only reason, is to point out that these are not times to engulf into rhetorical arguments, accusations, false promises, etc. And that is what has been fed to the American voters for far too long. I feel it is imperative to mention that I don’t lean in any direction when it comes to my political thought. But I am not a libertarian neither. My thoughts are based on what’s on the agenda, the issues that need attention, what our politicians offer and truly deliver and the realization of policies that will lead the country and the American people towards safety, stability, a sound sense of well-being, opportunities, all rights provided by the Constitution for every single individual, freedom of expression and will, among many others. When I see these aspects, although I consider my personal well-being, my thinking doesn’t go in that direction but in favor of the general population. The reason is quite obvious: The more people is well, the better chances everyone will have to enjoy all those goodies that make a nation a perfectly functional one and always devising towards progress. Everyone is contemplated in my thoughts and wishes. Primarily, the young generations, including my two daughters and my granddaughter.

As I’ve made clear here, the future of a nation and their people will always be based on the level of productivity that brings that wealth that can make possible such functional society. But sadly, we’ve been moving far and farther away from that place, because political platforms and bases are not tacking the true principles of what our representatives should working out. Politicians are focused on gaining votes at the cost of our future. If you look most campaigns from the actual politicians, you’ll see that although a few had delivered some of what they promised, the boldest promises of their campaign, not only they’ve never been delivered, but they had been flip – flopping with them for the sake of remaining in office. Why is that? I wonder. The life of a politician is such, that we can compare it to the top rock stars. Fame, power, admiration and lots of goodies. Even if many of those goodies are a counter value to what their political role suppose to be. It can even be illegal. Holes and loops manipulated the very same way they manipulate the voters. But this problem is not solely responsibility of the politicians. We, the people are perhaps more responsible for this, because after all, we elect those that lie, exaggerate and make empty promises.
When Sarah Palin became the republican candidate to the vice-presidency, I was quite excited about her. McCain didn’t do (or promise) anything in favor my aspirations for the bettering of the country. And not just because his political trajectory, through the many years I covered the Congress, Senate and White House, I was able to directly witness a few, perhaps no so important characteristics of his. I knew then, I can’t rely on this guy. But Palin? Wow! Such a fresh, bold. clear and outspoken woman! Huh! I admit; as well, I found her being soooo attractive! A plus in my view. But once I saw her trying to con her way out from the typical questions a candidate usually gets , questions that suppose to deliver an answer that will define her view and base. But instead, she tried to outsmart . . .  who, the interviewer or the voters? After a few of those major flops of her I realized: she is not politically mature, she’s as ignorant as an elementary student, she is willing to do whatever necessary to win those needed votes, but more importantly: She is so poisoned and cannibal! Big disappointment for me but what about all those people who still are behind her? More valid, what about McCain? What was he thinking? Thank goodness they lost the election.

Therefore, Obama became our 44th president. Hope raised all known bars in the midst of worse terrorist threat in history, two ongoing wars with thousands of lost lives and severely injured soldiers and the country being at the bring of a financial collapse. Not the presidential income, all the presidential goodies, fame and power can compensate for this to an against all odds position. But he came through and although right wingers had chosen to believe and broadcast, he’s not done anything to honor his role, the facts speak for themselves. In fact, he has been handling well issues that like most people, I have no true clue as what it involves. But I’ve been educating myself in those matters. And there is no better way to do so, than learning from the masters. I’ve watched unbiased interviews with former republican and democrat secretaries of state, sitting together and in both accounts, they’ve explain what is involved and admitted that president Obama has done the very best possible to avoid what looked as an impeding tragedy to the country and each of us in it. Poor, rich, left, right, educated, illiterate, you name it. But republicans, as they always do, take all credit away from him and as well blame him for anything that is happening. On top, every single step he takes, republicans accuse him of making a drastic mistake. On top of that list of accusers: M. Bachman, who like Palin, is an ignorant and lacks all preparation for the highest role in the country, but as well, she must believe that her enchanting fake smile, will gain the sympathy of the American voters. How scary that she’s gain quite a few followers that on the long run, will damage the future of the country since what they have in sight, has nothing to do with pulling the nation forward.

Last but no least, the vitriolic  attitude in the American people, particularly those that their number one agenda are the denial of civil rights that ridiculously had been denied for so long and these times, have no room for fundamentalist views, nor discrimination, segregation, hate, etc. Issues that have nothing to do with a negative future of the country, nor against the well-being of anyone, but their particular views were born under the shade of ignorance and fear. Two elements that as well, I am attempting to point out here. Their elements to select the best possible president of the USA are based on items such as: same-sex marriage, the freedom and entitlement for gay people  to serve in the arm forces, granting the same civil rights protected under the Constitution to LGBT people, the right to abortion, the eviction and imprisonment of undocumented workers that had served our country for many decades, etc.

Sadly I know, whatever I write about or say, is not going to change anything a bit. But I will not cease to advocate for the truth and what truly matters, for as long as I am alive. And all that only in the hope of finding others like myself and who knows? Perhaps if we make a larger chunk of conscious people, we may push the boundaries of fragmentation, to eradicate it at once. Here, you can see that the US has all it takes to continue being the number one nation in the world, but what no one knows is: for how long can that la as is?. We have many serious impeding threats, like world domination from the Chinese. massive genocide in our own territory in the hands of extremist, a fragile financial system that the Europeans are trying to their best to save (Hmm . . . think about the Euro union and the place it may put to the dollar which BTW, is the #1 GDP – PPP in the world). ignorant and unscrupulous candidates to office, second largest unemployment in the world, a fast growing number of families under the poverty level, homeless people, the large and growing number of severely injured troops – as well those suffering from post traumatic trauma, etc, etc but more importantly. the lack of faith and confidence of the American people. This one, being the true reason our economy is not moving forward as needed and wished. Oh! We can’t ignore the fact that we are seeing the largest and costliest natural disasters in history. Will they last?

We need to put aside our agendas or political views and instead, demand sound plans with facts and statistics from the office seekers. We must do whatever it takes to push every single individual in the US to seek for national prosperity and everyone to be entitled to enjoy the rights they deserve and they’ve consistently worked for them. It is time to remove from our lexicon the word “no” and instead to include “yes” to opportunity and fairness to all law-abiding citizens and residents. It is time to put our past in the past, seek for the future in the making of a positive present and do every single bit of what it takes to make educated decisions and contribute to the best of our capabilities. We need to make sure our GDP and PPP continues its growth and we at some point become a clear, transparent and ideal example of what a nation can be.
May God bless America!

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