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Trust No More?

Posted on the 26 September 2020 by Isiswin @Isis_Win


By Isis Win

I have written many times about the decadent situation of trust in the US. Mainly referring to what Trump says, and becomes evident is a straight fallacy or some level of deceit, but there is much more about that. In recent weeks or months, I have been delving at twitter, reading lots of tweets, responding to many, and sharing some hot topics. The majority are about our president, his actions, and some of the results of the same activities.  He has not stopped lying; in fact, he elevated the notch several tics, and today his lies are beyond belief.  E.g., his neglect to inform the public and lack of action to address the pandemic threat. Now, he is blatantly blaming China entirely for the spread of the virus and condemning them and the WHO for the misinformation he received. If you are up to the news of the day, you may remember an intelligence briefing about the pandemic threat early in the year.

I concur with thinkers that he is to be blamed for several toxic issues disregarding the integrity of the country, people, and laws. He is not alone in that department. I am not exclusively thinking of his people, like Barr. I am thinking about so many bloggers, twitterers, news outlets, tabloids, etc. I read many tweets/articles getting out of context, content extracted from reliable sources. Therefore enticing Trump supporters to attack his opponents. Their attacks usually, if not all the time, misinformed by Trump’s lies and portraying the president as a victim of the entire world. Most of these attacks are quite hostile and missing the point. I have had my assortment of bad experiences from people opposing my tweets due to their ignorance. As an example, one of my tweets made reference to a tradition of waiting past the election to nominate a potential SCOTUS replacement, in this case, Ruth B. Ginsburg. At some point, I made reference to what Nancy Pelosi said, stating that the US constitution present grounds to impeach a president’s nominating a justice during his last year in power and before the election. A responder accused me of being part of what sounds like a conspiracy against Trump since his first 100 days in power. OK, no harm was done, but this person blasted my previous comment about the importance to the country for RBG’s contributions to women and minorities. That is irrelevant work, he says, to the point that “in 50 years, she would not be more than a footnote.” I take offense on that negative comment that is unnecessary and deprecating. It is very frustrating to be challenged by a person that is convinced of thinking correctly and intelligently but disregards the facts attached to it. Daily I see many tweets going in that direction.

The divide created by DT is strong, radical, and hostile. What used to be an almost invisible part of the US fabric now is out, white supremacists –  not only demonstrating in support for DT – but killing people and, in some cases, brutally, as the black man found still burning days ago on the side of the road in Iowa. Several trans women have been killed too, mostly black transwomen, and I am sure you know the attacks and homicides against demonstrators at the BLM demonstrations. Now white supremacists parade cities in many pickup trucks wearing their assault weapons and displaying MAGA stuff. Also, they have block access to election booths and threaten people everywhere. Violent acts captured on cell phones had been broadcasted. Then Trump makes a comment in defense of the perpetrators. The question here is who believes who, and what are the lies and deceits from either side? Even info coming from government agencies are contrary versions to the facts and create confusion and anger, such as crucial Covid info from the government and other sources which differ one from the other one.

Recent whistleblowers have exposed the lies and manipulations of the government regarding Covid as the case of Smithfield (meat processing plant) considered as a premeditated homicide because their workers were forced to return to work on the advice of CDC and Trump. According to press releases, thousands of workers were infected, and several hundred died. Most of those workers are Hispanic and black. Smithfield is owned by a Chinese group based in China. The whole makes me wonder.

Covid’s management in the US has been catastrophic since the beginning. The number of infections and deaths could be severely reduced if the country followed the lead of a knowledgeable leader. Still, Trump directed us in the wrong direction, and he is washing his hands of any wrongdoing. However, DT still counts on millions of supporters, and reports state those numbers are growing. Do we believe that? Or do we think that his chances of losing the election are very high? How about challenging the results of the election if they are not favorable to him? The fact here is that every move he makes demerits the trust and confidence of his opponents, even his followers. Perhaps it is better not to believe anything at all.

I saw this situation coming long ago. The only missing element in my gloomy forecast to trigger the destruction of the American fabric, was having as our leader an evil person aiming to recreate the entire country into his version of the confederates during the civil war by creating a deep divide among the citizenship. To what purpose? Because vast amounts of money and to enact his racist temperament that trails the old Nazi movement in which whites descendants of Anglo-Saxon ancestry (Aryans then) are the only valid citizens of the US for him. Will he succeed? He already did because millions of white people still support him and will not retrieve if Trump is ousted. He stated that a peaceful succession may not happen because the electoral process is a scam. Is that a promise of forcing his continuation in power as he has threatened before?

A potential solution emerged : Nancy Pelosi announced to the American people the “Democracy Act” is set in motion. It will bring justice to all perpetrators against it and/or against the law. Those siding and supporting the guilty will as well be accountable for their crimes. The Checks and Balances process will be enforced and nurtured during this election process. Do I believe that? Ask me after the election.

The damage perpetrated by DT to the country is unprecedented, and it makes very hard to predict the near future, except that most likely if  Joe Biden becomes the 46th elected US president, a battle between DNC, GOP, the voters, and DT’s supporters can go in any direction. And that is a maybe too.

Maybe Biden and Harris will restore our trust and confidence in the leadership of our country. Then our resilience may cure the illnesses that plague our country. The question is, at what price and how long will it take?  I hope to witness it in my own time, but I settle for my children’s and grandchildren’s’ to be able to enjoy a real free America to all, as I have known it and history books narrate. I believe you hope that too.

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