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Where Is The Love?

By Hollysbeautybox @hollysbeautybox
Valentines Day is supposed to be the most love filled day of the year and yet, for me and some other singletons, love is not on the cards for me today. So, where is the love?
Where Is The Love?
I've been single for a wee while now. Aside from some on again off again moments with boys pretending to be Men, I have been 'officially' single for a few years.
I'm not going to start donning a Yonce' style leotard to sing about being a single lady (It'd never cover my Chastity belt), but I thought I'd share my thoughts as someone who isn't feeling so loved. I might even throw in a funny dating story or two, so here goes!
I can think of three happily 'loved up' Valentines Days in my life thus far and if I'm honest, they weren't all that great even then.  Some would say I'm just bitter (Honey, vodka drooooowned my bitterness years ago!) and some would say I've just obviously never found a 'good' Man.
I would say that I've never dated a 'good' Man because invariably all of the 'Men' I've dated have only been 'Men' by age default.  Otherwise they behaved like boys... (shaaaadeeee..).
A few people might be wondering why I've been single for so long and wondering if it's because I'm obsessive (with sharer bags of Wotsits, yes.  With a 'boyfriend'?. No).
I'm a bit of a commitment-phobe amongst other things and to be honest, the reason I'm single is because of ME, not anyone else. A lot of the time it's easy to blame 'Men' for making me afraid to commit, but actually, I enjoy my life. I like nights out with the girls, I like flirting without any loyalties, I like going to bed at 10pm on a workday, I like family holidays, I like not matching my underwear and I like a clean smelling vicinity.
It'd take someone pretty special to make me consider giving those things up and even at 31 years old (Da Fuq?) I haven't met anyone I feel ready to do that with. I'm more open now than I have been, partly because I want to, partly because society keeps telling me my Biological clock is ticking, but the fact that I'm spending another Valentines Day alone, doesn't feel so lonely right now.
I'd rather spend today living my life as I am than forcing something that isn't there right now.
Fancy a wee laugh? These really did all happen to me on Valentines Days (both in relationships, or as a singleton)..
1 - No, I don't 'fancy' a golden shower.
2 - Thanks for my Valentines card, but my name is HOLLY not Amanda..
3 - 'Do you mind if my pal comes to drinks with us? I said he could stay at mine later'
4 - 'You look.. different. Did you do that to yourself or did someone else?'
5 - 'Can I pick your outfit next time?'
6 - Four Dick pics in one day. Apparently us single girls should be grateful for them...
Come on, don't be shy! tell me all about your Valentines Day fails!
H x

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