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Where I Live Poses a Health Risk Yet the Council Do Nothing

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum


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This post is an anonymous guest post


I’ve been having issues with MHS for months, I have medical issues where my leg keeps seizing up and my Post Natal Depression has worsen since living where i am because of the constant threat of violence from the tenants living below me. Tenants in the flat block have been complaining about the constant disturbances since 2008, and yet the problem tenants still remain there.

When i first made my first complaint to MHS in September 2011, it was after many months of suffering in silence, It was an evening where my son was poorly, i had put him in bed, and the tenants downstairs had started to shout and scream, so i asked them if they would keep it down, as my son was asleep. Then Mr Brownings attentions turned to me, where he started threatening me, and slagging my family off (this man is 40 odd, doesn’t work, and used to go to school with my mum) he then proceeded to throw my sons pushchair out the back off the block and down some concrete stairs.

I had no choice but to leave the buggy there until the police officers arrived and brought the buggy upstairs, it took the police officers 22minutes to respond to my 999 call. And when they finally arrived at my flat the man in question had vanished. And when i asked what they were going to do in regards to the buggy, the officer then replied “well he was just being silly.”

A few weeks after that incident, the monster in question – said that he had left all the gas on in his property, he then left the area, the police were called, who had to gain access to the flat, it turned out he hadn’t left the gas on but if he had one spark and the whole building would have gone up in a bang. So rung MHS the day after, gave them the police report numbers, numbers off the officers who have attended.
As well as them two fairly serious events, there have been many minor events since then, constant shouting, screaming, and banging, late at night. As soon as you walk into the flat, its like you’ve walked into a thick glass screen off Marijuana smoke, The glass on the main security door has been broken more then a handful of times and is simply left scattered all over the floor for people to walk through, because they have simply misplaced there keys, they have been burgled where they own money to the local drug dealers and haven’t paid it. Which doesn’t really effect us, but say these drug dealers set fire to the place? How dangerous would that be to the seven other families that live in these blocks, most of which elderly.
Its now November of 2011, which granted 2months isn’t a long time, but it is when every night you have to take a sleeping tablet, because otherwise you’ll sit up all night listening out for any-noise, to scared to go to sleep in case i have to get my son out of bed for a quick exit in the small hours. Or when my Depression which was starting to get better, is beginning to get out of control again, where i find myself crying at the smallest of things, or losing my temper easily. My medications gone up from 15mg, to 30mg. Where i have strong over the counter painkillers to take away the constant stress headaches and pain in my leg, due to all the4 flights of stairs i have to climb daily carrying my son and the shopping at the same time , because if i leave either at the bottom while i take the other up i fret that neither will be there when i return!
I have made all these point to MHS, and i am know in the process of waiting 10 long weeks for there independent medical assessor to access my medical history, even though he never has and never will meet me, i don’t really understand why the word of my own GP isnt good enough.
All the time MHS saying they have no available houses, when i logged on to home-choice, there was 2 perfect for me and my son, being bidded on, i shall ring Monday and see if they can move us into one of them but i doubt it.
The local council wont help me because I’m adequately housed, and MHS’s problem, MHS wont help me because the internal facilities are adequate for myself and my son. So it looks as though i am destined to live in this situation until i can afford to move myself, which isn’t likely in the near future. Just hope they do something before its too late, and someone is seriously injured or worse.


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