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"Where I Buy My Clothes"

By Shimmerofpink @shimmerofpink
Hellooo shimmers,
I am going to be sharing with you "where I buy my clothes." I will tell you the shop and then why I like it. If you want any more information on them then leave a comment below. The shops listed are those you can find on the high street so no online stores such as, and Please tell me what shops you like too.
I will start with Primark...I'm glad I'm writing it and not saying it because I know people say it differently. I dont always like primark they go through stages, some days there stuff will be really nice and other times it can be not so good.  There bags, shoes and jewelery is generaly good and a good price. I love that it is a shop that you can go to if you need a clothing piece on a budget. The quality of the products can vary but I have never purchased something that wasnt a good quality so I have always had a good experience when it comes to buying from Primark.
Topshop is the second shop and it is in a totally different price range from Primark. Topshop is generally where I go if I am looking for one of pieces or a gorgeous top or something when I have a bit of money. The jewelry in Topshop is fantastic. I think I own hundreds of earings from topshop. Everytime I'm in there im like oh I like this and that and this!! I could spend hundreds of pounds in that shop!
Shop number three Dorothy Perkins. Its price range  is somewhere between Primark and Topshop. Again their clothing can have good days and bad days. Its good for basic tees, school trousers, shirts and cardigans. They also do lovely shoes and reallly reasonable prices.
River Island has to be one of my favorite or the favorite shop for me. They always have lovely on trend clothes. A lot of the clothes are dupes for those designer ones that appear on the catwalks. They also have a variety of styles of clothing so I always find there is something to fit every shape and size for all events.
Newlook is my first stop when it comes to summer holiday shopping they always have a fantastic range of shorts, vests, tops and shoes and such amazing prices. The jewelry in their is also really inexpensive. The clothes are also great prices but still fantastic quality. I always find they have great dresses for summer and also for parties. I also like how they have designers within like Kelly Brooke, Apricot, Cameo which all have great colllections.
I have only ever seen a Jack Wills in Edinburgh so tell me if there are others in the world? But they do deliver online if you want to have a look at there stuff. It is expensive but great for Body warmers, shirts, joggie trousers and your traditional universite outfitters jumpers which are the most popular item in the stores.     Hollister is the slightly cheaper (not by much) sister of Abercrombie and Fitch. Again they do the jumpers, joggie trousers, t-shirts and shorts along with dresses and fancy tops. I dont often shop in Hollister but I do like their jumpers and shorts. I also love the hot guys that normally stand outside the shop!!
Abercrombie and Fitch is a well known brand all over the world and I used to buy bits and bobs here and there but now i will probrably wait till i go back to America before buying anything else as it is cheaper due to the exchange rate to buy it out there. Agian I like the hot guys that are on their bags when you buy something!! Thought i should put an example hence the picture <<<<<<<<
Hope you have liked this post and as I said if you want anymore information just comment below. I would love to see what shops you like so please tell me below. Subscribe to the blog if you like it (totally free just and email needed) Laura xx

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