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Where Does Our Sense Of Time Come From?

Posted on the 02 March 2013 by Gerard @presurfer
Where Does Our Sense Of Time Come From?image credit: erikogan cc
In 1905, Albert Einstein published his theory of Special Relativity - showing that wristwatches of two observers in motion relative to one another will measure time differently. Since then, our human concept of time has gotten slippery. It's no longer possible to think of time as ticking along at a constant rate since the universe was born, separate from our own human perceptions.
Studies have borne out the idea that we all perceive time differently. For example, in 2001, two scientists at University College London conducted research showing that our internal clocks don't always match either. Everyone's sense of time is different and, at least in part, dependent on what our senses are telling us about the external world.

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