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Where Are Cloud Computing Servers Located?

Posted on the 12 April 2013 by Nrjperera @nrjperera

Where are Cloud Computing Servers Located?

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Where exactly do we find cloud computing servers? Since, it is highly improbable for these servers to be located in the sky, why then are they called cloud servers? The word “Cloud” for this purpose actually refers to the Internet which is often depicted as a cloud-like shape in computer network diagrams.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is the use of hardware and software to provide remote services over the Internet. With the use of a web browser, users are able to access cloud-based applications while their data are stored in servers located at remote locations. In the Cloud set-up, the infrastructure and platform used in the application are managed by Cloud service providers. Useful reviews on cloud storage can be seen at

In cloud computing, users are essentially allowed to take advantage of technological innovations without being hindered by the need for specific knowledge and expertise. A number of advantages have been identified in using the Cloud technology. Some of these are reduced cost since users only pay for what they actually need; the ability to connect from anywhere regardless of the location or the device used as long as it is Internet-enabled; heightened security in terms of protecting the data stored; and the users’ freedom from maintenance concerns since cloud computing applications need not be installed in computers.

Control of Cloud Computing Use

An individual or company that uses Cloud Computing is actually renting a virtual server space. This is a lot different from occupying space in physical servers. These fees would depend on the capacity required by the user and are usually computed by the hour.

In effect, users only access what they need and when they need it. Since multiple cloud servers are made available to users, the Cloud service can quickly adapt to unexpected traffic spikes and then adjust accordingly after activity has normalized. Users are not affected by the failure of one server as another server would automatically take its place.

Location of Cloud Computing Servers

The physical location of cloud servers is found in the data centers of cloud service providers. These service providers use a physical server to create virtual machines that will be known as cloud servers. Each cloud server will be provided with everything that would be needed for it to function like as physical server such as dedicated RAM and CPU power allocation. Each also functions with its own operating system that is isolated from the rest.

The data centers of cloud service providers are physically protected from the threat of human intervention and natural disaster. Data are likewise secured through multiple-layered firewall networks and 24/7 monitoring. Location of data centers have been strategically planned to prevent service interruption.

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