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When Your Teen Screws Up...Because Of Course They Will

By Joanigeltman @joanigeltman
Here are the 60 14-18 year olds  I surveyed, with some ideas to help you out when they screw up!
·  Talked to me about it and not acted like I was the worst thing in the world. ·  Just given me more time to prove myself, and over time show them I’m responsible. ·  Worked together instead of having Dad do everything ·  Talked to me in a calm tone instead of yelling at me. ·  Just said that they knew I could do better, and then let it be for me to fix myself. ·  Just asked instead of jumping to conclusion. ·  Heard me out, and thought of themselves when they were teenagers. ·  Not yelled at me so much. ·  Forgiven me sooner than later. ·  Just asked me what happened instead of just punishing me. ·  Understand that teen’s make mistakes like that. ·  Talked to me like I was 16 not like I was 9 ·  Been more understanding and had taken the time to hear my side of the story. ·  Supported me a lot more than they did. ·  Actually talked to me, not yelled or hit me ·  Know how much I wish I didn’t do it. ·      little more control of themselves, and didn’t get so mad with me ·  Accept my point of view and accept my apology and don’t think of me wrong even though they still do. ·  Not yelled at me but talked to me about it, and not make me feel like a failure. ·  Seen where I was coming from and why I said what I said. ·  Not yell at me, but just talked with me and didn’t accuse me of something that’s not true. ·  Helped me a little more rather than punish me after every offense.

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