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When Will I...

Posted on the 15 February 2011 by Pelski
When Will I...
Croz's latest piece of rework parody brings the 1988 smash hit 'Famous' under the main stage spotlight. Originally performed by Bros, the track itself is showered in peak time 80's trademarks, where bottom of the bucket drum rolls, ride hand in hand with synth pop licks. 'Famous' reached no. 2 in the UK charts, ensuring that our Bros ultimate question was answered with many 'pictures in the papers'. And while this tabloid rework does the celebrity DJ circuit around the country, a similar question will be playing upon many up and comers minds - 'When Will I Be...(insert dirty word)?'
There's something familiar yet highly original about Croz's funked bassline, as it intertwines itself around that familiar synth stab throughout. Reverberating 808's bracket the vintage feel, while the restrained vocal chops cut a path to the chorus were all waiting for. Quality dance-floor fun.
Famous by crozcrozcroz

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