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When the Fish Dies

Posted on the 24 November 2017 by Blackwomenstandup

Hey fam

Hope is all well for your weekend whether you are parting in the American tradition of Thanksgiving.

Earlier today my daily gratitude ritual led my mind to the positive people who’ve crossed my path but don’t kept in touch. I also reflected on thoseeho hurt to let go but felt better to release. Next I thought of the strong few who endured life with me during the last decade. Those who still stand up for me on the daily, monthly and yearly! Feeling my pain, bleeding my blood, healing my wound others inflicted, standing with me on the frontlines and behind my Veil. So all this thought and my uplifted mood led me to action.

Where did I go? Iwent online passed all the Black Friday shopping sites and straight to social media. Suddenly I found myself scrolling through my dm log on a social media account I went dark. I sent a few short lighthearted dm’s to folks I’m ready to reconnect with. Soon I noticed date stamps and tones of old messages from others I had to let go for one gut wrenching reason or another. No season. No reason. No lifetime. No worries. I continued to scroll.

And scroll.

And keep scrolling.

And continuing to scroll.

Damn, I’m still scrolling.

And scrolling.

Why am I scrolling as if I was hunting for something in these dates of YEARS passed?

Then BOOM! There it was and the chat head with his face. Ew. I mean he’s still fine but, nah.

Why am I seeing this??? I thought he blocked me. Should I tap and read?

Now, who is he? Appearently a lurking bitter ex boyfriend who remains in Harlem that reached out years after the fact and mustered up a few brain cells to send this after breaking the ice with a few long yet pleaseant conversations leading up to THIS…why he blocked me.

Please see below.

Him: That so interesting. To see how spiritual you pretend to be and knowing how dishonest and slick you really are. I will continue to pray for you

Me: I don’t know who’s definition of “spiritual” you use or what god you serve but I know who I AM. You start your morning trying to condemn me w/ lies and illusions… You need to pray for YOURSELF instead of me.

Regardless of your opinion I am fearfully & wonderfully made. That’s why I don’t have to pretend. “Slick” & “dishonest” …you’re so ignorant you don’t even realize you’re describing YOUR own reflection. Again, I have better things to do than what’s in your limited magination of me

You are so out of line. Now would be a good time to actually open your bible. I pray you Mature in Christ.

When the Fish Dies When the Fish Dies When the Fish Dies When the Fish Dies When the Fish Dies When the Fish Dies

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