Humor Magazine

When the Chips Are Down

By Kyknoord

all together now - chip bite YOU!
The source of my amusement was an electronic missive from Andrew, containing the following sentence:

“…I suffered a rather unpleasant mouth injury last night at the hands of Willards Corporation, who inserted a curiously shaped, razor sharp Big Korn Bite into a bag of Honey and Mustard flavoured maize crisps with the specific intention of maiming me…”

It’s worth noting that the offending carnivorous comestibles weren’t called Big Korn Snacks, or Big Korn Chips, but Big Korn Bites. Biting is to be expected.

It seems to me that Willards take truth in advertising very, very seriously. Clearly they are only interested in hardcore customers who are up to the challenge of a chip that tries to eat you back. That’s very Klingon of them.

I’m sure that Andrew, as a staunch Star Trek fan, would probably appreciate that.

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