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When Tansyong Meets Rinnel Banda ( One on One Interview )

By Jonathan Orbuda @ilovetansyong
When Tansyong Meets Rinnel Banda ( One on one Interview )As a travel blogger, I idolized individuals who are also traveling (with the same interest) . One of those travelers that i really looked up is Rinnel Banda of Pinoy Travel Channel. That was  just one month when i discovered his Blog, actually he is a video blogger or simlpy VLOG. His videos are really amazing , so i followed him, I started to contact him via social network and we became friends online.
Up until August 25 , 2013 11:00 AM Rinell Banda sent me a "Facebook message" that he wants to meet me in Luneta Park since he is doing the final video clip for his project. At first I was doubt to go out because that was rainy day. " Bro! I cant really promise to meet you, its raining!, and besides I may not able to capture value-laden subjects in Luneta, It's Raining!",I said. "Its ok, Regardless if its raining , I will be there, and I need to finish my video project" he answered. "OK OK Ill come!" I promised.
August 25 , 2013, 3PM , It was still raining, Rinell is coming from Paranaque and Im  from Pasay therefore i arrived earlier than him. While waiting, i decided to rove around and captures some pictures .
3:30PM , He arrived and a short conversation started. He was very down to  earth and you cant imagine that a true blooded nomad was infront of me. ...........
He started to invites anyone in Luneta Park to join his video. Watch the Video Below

After he accomplished his mission, the interview started. Upclose and personal with Rinnel Banda.
Watch the Video Below: 

When Tansyong Meets Rinnel Banda ( One on one Interview )

He is very friendly , down to earth and approachable. 

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