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When Sick, Revenge is Best.

Posted on the 08 February 2013 by Jamesswezey
When Sick, Revenge is Best.It's been a while since I wrote about being sick or anything like that, but no longer. My immune system finally caved and I am fighting off what is presumably a cold or the flu. Sore throat and some coughing, and a mild temperature, but nothing else as of yet. We shall see what tomorrow holds. I drank a lot, a lot of water, and I watched this show called Revenge which my sister and I watched an episode back in December I believe because we were bored, and then we didn't watch it all again for a long time. I picked it up some time after that because I think that I was bored, and although it is a guilty pleasure with quite a bit of soap opera like fluff, it is a riveting show. I have never seen such hideously evil characters depicted with such precision and horror as this show. It is perhaps the best revenge story I have ever seen to date. Emily VanCamp who plays the title role is spectacular. She had the charm and wit of any socialite, yet possesses the maniacal calculating of a serial killer. Don't dismiss the show simply because it looks like rival rich housewives trying to ruin each other's dinner parties; there is a level of depth to it. Watch it or not, it was very distracting while I was...laying in bed feeling like a wet, sopping met had struck me in the face. Season 2 should be really something when I get around to watching that. We are moving on to the more technical elements of the Oscars now beginning with Best Cinematography: Anna Karenina, Django Unchained, Life of Pi, Lincoln, and Skyfall. Now I have seen only Skyfall & Lincoln, although The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey should have been nominated for this category; insipid Academy. Oh well. I would like Life of Pi to win because it is truly visually spectacular from what I've seen in previews and heard of as well. I do however think that the Academy will choose Skyfall merely because it will be celebrated if I understand correctly for some sort of milestone, and it will be given the award because people will believe that James Bond deserves some Oscars after all of these years of being "overlooked" or whatever you want to call it; a political film apology of sorts. The Academy loves to do those. We shall if I am correct, although I would love it if I truly was. Keep waiting and trying for good news on the employment front, but I continue to lose hope and faith. Life just really sucks some time, or most of the time.

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