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When Should I Put My Teen On Contraception?

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum
ID 10065467 When Should I Put My Teen On Contraception?


When Should I Put My Teen On Contraception?

My eldest daughter is now a rather blossoming thirteen year old and the question of contraception should be some time way off In the distance but it gives pause for thought , questioning is there ever a right age to put my teen on contraception?

I wonder how other mothers do it, wait until they know their daughter is experimenting, is it a certain age threshold they cross? Once they get a boyfriend even?

I seem to remember my own mother taking me to the doctors around the age of 13, saying something about the pill would make my periods lighter, I have never had heavy periods, was this her way of making sure she knew I was protected? I didn’t need the pill till I was almost 17. She had a lot of faith in me.

Is suggesting contraception to a thirteen year old more damaging than good, would I be saying OK so you may want to do “adult things” now, is there not enough pressure out there from their peers?

My daughter started her periods over 8 months ago, maybe I could be sly and use the same excuse as my own mother did with me, does the pill stop spots too?

I don’t want my child on birth control, she is just that at the age of thirteen a child in my eyes, but is it something I should be talking to her about at this age?

We do have a very good relationship and I can only hope that when the right time comes she will come and talk to me, so we can discuss this milestone together.

I was thinking maybe 15/16 would be the suitable age? Is this the age most young girls start experimenting in that area? Or am I out of touch?

When would you suggest I put my teen on contraception?

How old were you when you started taking contraception?

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