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When Push Comes To Shove

By Rusty @russellpurkiss

When push comes to shove, it ain’t the science that’s going to lift you up-it’s the belief, the spiritual side of life, that’s going to lift you up, no matter what religion you are.–Kristie Alley

When Push Comes To Shove
Have you had situations in your lifetime that something comes up, an emergency. a tough bend in the road, something that surely if you had the choice you would certainly choose not to do?  And then, out of nowhere, certainly not within you, you got the strength to get though it all despite you not having the strength to deal with it at all!  I know I have, many times, and some of you might even say, “yeah everyday that I wake up to go to work this very thing happens!”  Ha!

There certainly do come times in our lives that we, within ourselves are simply not able to handle what comes our way!  An accident happens, you are needed to jump in and lend a hand but you know that you are simply unable to stomach having to perform emergency care, but then you make it through the moment.  All the mommies in the world probably have tons of stories like this, having raised kids, things don’t always go smooth when around kids, they have this knack for getting into trouble and tight spots and are often in need assistance!

We are actually all totally capable of doing much more than we might personally believe to have the faith for, but when the time comes, when push comes to shove, there is this extraordinary strength that kicks in just in the nick on time! It is the “mind over matter” the “power for the hour”, and most of us know it has to do with faith in something greater than ourselves!

We often find ourselves in situations that could use that extra bit of faith to get us through it all, but we fail to call on that strength from within, we tend instead to give in to our fears and will look at the circumstances and succumb to defeat! The problem lies in thinking too much about something and talking ourselves right out of having the faith.  The situations that I mentioned above are things that happen when there is no time to think, you just have to act and strangely it is as though you have grown wings to fly!

This strength or faith, is like a muscle that, if you don’t exercise it, if you fail to use it regularly, you will not have the strength you need on a daily basis.  It is always there, just as the muscles in your arms are there, but they are only as strong as you will condition them to be, and to condition them, you will need to work them….regularly.

We don’t need to wait for an emergency to use them and enjoy the benefit of flying higher, we can do that more often.  This is when you have to believe that it is possible.  Because if you believe that something is possible, than for you it IS possible.  Nothing and no one can convince you to the contrary!  Don’t wait until push comes to shove! Just jump!

Have you experienced things in your life that you had previously thought impossible, but when the time came you were surprised of what you could do?

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