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All For The Love Of Money

By Rusty @russellpurkiss

All For The Love Of MoneyI have been very saddened these last few days following the massacre in New Town Connecticut as have many the world over.  Yet another senseless killing, and this time involving not only innocent people, but little defenseless children by yet another mentally unstable person who just happened to have free access to high-powered war intended weaponry.

As I have shared in a previous post “Guard Your Mind”, I believe that it is the person who pulls the trigger that does the  killing and not the gun.  However, I will state here and now that I am in no way in favor of having high-powered assault weaponry readily available on the market. It has NOTHING to do WHATSOEVER with the 2nd amendment and everything to do with those who make a living off of this ignorance and who do NOT have your best interest in consideration but rather their own.

There is a LOT of money changing hands with the sales of arms and for that reason the NRA and Gun Owners Of America lead by Larry Pratt who are very well-financed to launch their campaigns.  Their argument is that you should stand up for your 2nd amendment rights in the lame attempt to convince you that you will lose that right if ANY type of arms are banned.  this is a total lie, and the only ones that will be hurt by this are their employers. All for the love of money, they are willing to lay down your life for it!

It is a sad fact that many of the decisions that are made, much of the action that is either taken, or not taken is thanks to that love of money and not for your best interests that some would like to have you believe.  Take planned obsolescence for example:  There are a great majority of products that are purposely built to NOT last, so that you will have to re-buy them once they have been consumed which otherwise could be built to last. The argument with this is to create and maintain jobs, where are they? The FDA closes their eyes to harmful Genetically Modified Foods that are to blame in large part to the problem of obesity and other health related illnesses in the United States, but since they are paid well to pass these foods, they do so, again not with your best interest in mind.  All for the love of money! The list could go on and on!

Larry Pratt made a point on Piers Morgan last night, it was evil that killed these children and not the gun.  I believe he is right and therefore I retain that he is equally to blame for being evil by seeking his own interest groups interests rather than that of the overall population.  All for the love of money!

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