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When Love Knocks at Your Door

By Alka Narula @narulaalka
when love knocks at your door 
Love is a great feeling  and  I am talking about unconditional love ,love that knows no bounds . I  being an extremely sensitive and emotional person , always used this word sparingly. I fell in love for the first time when I was 18 and fell out of it by the time I turned 22 , and now when I look back I realize it was never love but infatuation. I did come across few guys but none could make me feel a complete woman , something or the other was amiss,and I was not willing to compromise or make adjustments , finally I gave up .Now after a decade of wait I have fallen in love again .I spoke to him over the phone for the first time and fell in love with his voice unaware of his feelings for me .Next day when we met,  both  of us acknowledged the intense feelings we had for each other and my life took a drasyic turn.I realize love just happens and takes you by surprise.It knocks at your door when you least expect it.
 Here are few lines , expression of love that now has been converted into lyrics  which I randomly wrote and since this guy  happens to be from film fraternity, he after going through the lyrics I composed encouraged me to write more .  We recorded my first song recently which I shall share with you all very soon , until then some excerpts, from my lyrics                                                                    
 jub humari hi parchaai se un khushboo aane lagi,maine yeh socha mujhe kaya hua hai,kaya un ko pata hai ...main un se pyaar karne lagi..... 

yeh kaisa yeh jaadu , main un ki aawaz se pyaar karne lagi...sach sach baton ab mere dil se tarange niklne lagi...naa koi deedar,naa koi pehchaan ...kaisa hai yeh pyaar ,yeh ek paheli ban ke reh gayi...

meri dhadkan se poocho,meri saanson se poocho ...mujhe ko kaya hua hai......kiyun mera dil yeh kehna chahye ,main mehkne lagi hoon,main phool ban chuki hoon...unko yeh pata hai main un ki ho chuki hoon...main un so pyaar karne lagi hoon .....

zara ruko toe ,peeche mudo toe ,main phad phadaon ab ban ke ek titli....tere rang mein rang chuki hoon,teri pehchaan ban chuki hoon,jub se chooa hai ,mere dil ko,tune, ab main fisli..

kis se kahen hum,kaise kahen hum ,hum ab pyaar karne lage hain...bahon ki tera ,nigahon ki tera....hum intzaar karne lage hain ;shabnam ki boonon jaise teri rhon mein tere kadmon ko choone ko tarsne lagen hain
* these words are an intellectual property of alka narula
*copying these words or using them in any form is strictly prohibited
*copy right (c)alka narula
*photo credit wikipedia

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