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When It Isn’t Quite Prepaid – Savvyextreme

Posted on the 28 December 2011 by Prepaidplans @prepaidplans

There is prepaid and then there is a month to month contract that you might prepay but it isn’t exactly prepaid. Lets define prepaid.

  • You pay an upfront amount for an agreed amount of credit covering calls, Txt and data.
  • Once this credit is used up you can no longer use these services until you recharge.
  • Your credit has a set expiry time frame, which can be 7 days up to 365 days. In some cases your credit may never actually expire.
  • The key thing is that if you use up your credit, you can’t keep spending, you have protection.

Then there are sim only or BYO phone plans which are actually month to month plans which have no formal contract. You can leave whenever you like just pay out what you owe. These plans come with a monthly charge will offers you credit for calls, Txt and data. Once you use this credit up you can actually keep using the service, however your credit card or bank account will be charged for the difference (on top of the monthly charge).

Savvytel Extreme

There is no real protection here for excessive usage, however you can leave the provider should you find the value not meeting your expectations.

Savvytel today launched Savvy Extreme. This new plans offers unlimited calls and Txt to local fixed line and mobile number plus 4GB of data. What the unlimited offer doesn’t cover is 1300, 1500 and 1800 calls, these are charged at 29c/min. International calls and Txt are also not included as isn’t premium SMS.

Savvy Extreme will cost you just $38 per month, which is actually a very good offer when you compare it the other “Unlimited” plans out there. Savvytel have actually called this a “prepaid” plan, however please note that if you spend more than the allocated data or on 1300/1800 numbers you will be charged extra for this. Therefore although it is $38 a month, it might actually come to more.

I like the plan, it is competitive in its space and I am sure it will do well. Savvytel FYI also use the Optus network, the same way Amaysim does. I can’t personally call it “prepaid” and so you can find it in our “Sim Only” section.

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