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When Is Killing Yourself Right?

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

ID 10029740 When Is Killing Yourself Right?

When is killing yourself right? Asks one mother today after leaving a comment on the Wanna kill yourself? Imagine this blog post.

Ok picture this. You’ve found a way to kill yourself, none of your children need ever see it.

You’ve tried to find work for almost 1 1/2 years now. Your children and self are homeless.

You live without running water, heat, and toilet facilities.

The winters are cold and the clothes too small or threadbare.

You tried low and very low income housing but your income is too low to qualify. Shelters won’t help because your son is over 11 years of age and males at that point are considered a threat.

There are no services that will help you with medical because you make too much.

You receive $885 child support and $141 alimony.

The state flat out tells you that if you were deceased the kids would at least be taken into a warm house with food, clothes, bathrooms, water, and heat.

Do you kill yourself so your children survive or are you evil for even considering it?

This is my real life situation so no rude or mean comments.

I’m neither selfish nor wanting to be here in this predicament but here I am some real heartfelt answers and comments would help. No I do not advocate suicide under most circumstances. When is killing yourself right?

 When Is Killing Yourself Right?

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