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When In Doubt - STOP!

By Hpranitis @_thisandthat_

When In Doubt - STOP!

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Sometimes, you just need to S-T-O-P!  Stop.  {insert breathe here}  Think. {insert exhale here} Observe.  {insert another exhale here} Proceed. {insert breathe here}
I'm at an impasse.  I've reached a point of no return.  For starters I'm just going to stop, breathe, and sit back and think about things.  No need to rush.  Definitely no need for that.
So, what better way to deal with the matter-at-hand.  Sit back and think awhile.
I've decided I'll think about it, write about it, sketch it, and ponder it.  All while I'm thinking, breathing and probably doing a few yoga videos.
I'm on a mission.  I need to think clearly and make the right decisions moving forward.
Stay tuned.  I'll keep you in the know.

Anyone else experience the need to STOP!!!!!!!!  I'd love to hear from a few of you that are reading this thinking "yes, boy has Heather nailed this post"...  Do tell.  I'm waiting!
Happy Hump Day and make it a great one!
When In Doubt - STOP!

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