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When Ideas Attack: Preventing Overwhelm + Paralysis

By Linsibrownson @CleverSpark
The morning started off so well.Instead of hitting snooze you hit the gym.  In the midst of killer cardio you had a sudden stroke of genius.

Seriously.  Awesome.  Idea.

You keep pumpin’ away, proud of your kick-ass self; working out and working smart.

“This is totally why I started a business.”

The ideas are flowing like well drinks at happy hour, and you are crazy drunk on inspiration.

“When I get back, first thing I do is write everything down.  OMG this day is so great.  I’m a business genius.”


“Gawd, I hope I can remember everything.  I was seriously in the zone.”

(Elliptical begins to slow)

“What was that first one?  Something about asking customers…oh, wait – no it was for Facebook.  I wanted to do a Facebook post about…”

(practically stopped)

“Shit.  Okay.  Well the other idea was for an email campaign - Sidenote: need to remember to reply to that email from…”

BOOM.  It all unravels.Your energy is suddenly anxious, and your thoughts begin to turn to

“Ohmygod I’m totally doing it again…I can’t believe I forgot to…Did I check my bank account yesterday…?”

What the hell just happened here?

When Ideas Attack: Preventing Overwhelm + Paralysis

Grab a net. Or a rifle. You’re under attack.

You’ve been attacked by ideas.  What began as endorphin-filled free association has turned into a brainstorm and you Were not. Prepared. For that. No pen and paper, not even an iPad for christsakes.  Just a crapload of ideas that are dissipating as quickly as if you had dreamed them.  This isn’t fun anymore. Take a deep breath.  You just need a little focus to get this back under control.  First things first, you’ve got to start catching those rampant ideas.  Check out Idea Catching, a 3 Part E-Series that will help you Collect, Curate and Nurture those brilliant ideas.
When Ideas Attack: Preventing Overwhelm + Paralysis

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