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Dirty Little Twitter Secret

By Linsibrownson @CleverSpark

Twitter trick

My dirty little secret that had gurus hatin’. No really. They get their panties up in a bunch over this one.

Some people will hate this idea and tell you that it is spam. I will tell you that it worked for me and I may go back to doing it again. As within anything, take my advice with a grain of salt.

The problem was that it worked for me. And it makes it hard to not do it.

Before I tell you how, let me tell you what it did. It got me likes to my Facebook page, everyday. They weren’t always from my ideal client group, but I think that is a pipe dream. Since stopping this twitter trick, I still get people liking my page that aren’t a in my ideal client group.

So what I was doing was adding an AutoDM (Automated Direct Message). When someone followed me on Twitter one of the various messages I preset would say

“Hey, come check out my Facebook page at and say hi!”

I set this up with SocialOomph and created a bunch of different auto-dm messages that would rotate. So one message might be like the one above and then I would create another message that read:

“Ahoy matey! Come aboard my Facebook page at and talk pirate to me. Arrrrghh!”


“Hola! How are you? I’m so glad you are following my Twitter feed, want to meet up on my FB page, too? No pressure, but if you wanna…”

I made it fun and it worked. Now the Gurus of the internet poo poo it and I stopped doing it. They want real communication at all times on Twitter. Like it was real when I made it and I can’t be everywhere all the time, so I did it. Send me to Twitter jail.

Moral of the story. Apparently sending an Auto DM nowadays is spammy. I didn’t feel like I was a spammer, but then again if the Gurus say it, it must be true, right? And this could then also go to scheduling your twitter posts… they say that’s illegal, too.

What say you?

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