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When Depression Talks To You

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

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When Depression Talks To You

Depression: I’m coming to get you

Me: No you’re not

Depression:  Yes I am, can you feel me?

Me: No I am pretending you don’t exist

Depression:  I am stronger than you

Me:  Nope afraid you’re mistaken, I am a fighter and I will win

Depression:  Why do you always fight me?

Me: Because I have too, you leave me no choice

Depression: Don’t you ever just want to lie down and let it win?

Me: No because then I may as well end it now

Depression:  What about killing yourself, that would stop me?

Me: I would destroy my children and you’re not that strong to make me do that to them

Depression:  Are you tired of fighting me?

Me: You exhaust me

Depression:  Do you realize you’re talking to yourself?

Me: I don’t give a fuck who I am talking too, I am telling you to go away and leave me alone

Depression:  I will go away for now, but I will be back

Me: I know you will and I will be waiting

Depression:  One day I will win

Me: But that one day is not today

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