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Wheely Adorable! The Disabled Dog Recused from Animal Control Who Uses a Pink WHEELCHAIR to Go for Walks

By David13676 @dogspired

DaisyAbandoned by her owners at just two months old and born with two paralysed front legs, Daisy had a tough start to life life.

The Brussels Griffon and Terrier cross was moments from death after being discovered by an animal control officer who scheduled for her to be euthanised after no owners came forward.

However, at the last minute she was saved by A Home 4 Ever rescue center, in Bellflower, California, and staff nursed her back to health and even raised money to buy her a sparkly pink wheelchair.

Now Daisy has a new owner, Sheena Main, and likes to spend her time going on long walks.

Sheena said: ‘I am so proud and happy to see Daisy being mobile. Without the cart, she hops like a bunny and that consumes a lot of energy for her, so the wheels mean we can go on longer walks.

‘Daisy can do everything that a normal dog can, except to climb up and down the stairs or jump on something high.

‘She is able to live a happy life with us and is quite active, despite her disability.’

Vets have no idea what caused Daisy’s disability, though it is believed she was born with the condition, which may have led to her being abandoned.

Within a few months of arriving at A Home 4 Ever, Daisy got her new wheels but didn’t feel comfortable with them at first and would only use them if a treat was dangled in front of her.

Sheena said: ‘We have later learned that it was due to the cart not fitting properly.

‘After adjusting the wheel cart, she adapted to it very quickly and we all enjoy taking long walks, which was not possible before.’

After the readjustments to her cart Daisy and Sheena get to meet new furry friends, although some of them are wary of her ‘different’ appearance.

‘The cart has even helped boost her confidence when meeting new dogs,’ said Sheena.

‘Having said that each dog reacts differently to Daisy – some just accept her and greet her like any other dog.

‘Some are frightened by her wheels and run away and a few bark every time she makes any movement.

‘But Daisy doesn’t really seem to mind how dogs react to her and she wheels along in her own happy little world.’

It’s not just canine chums who notice Daisy when she’s strutting her stuff out and about

Sheena said: ‘Daisy does get quite a bit of attention from people, and she loves it.

‘I am often asked about her and if they can photograph her during our walks.

‘It’s great when people take an interest in Daisy because that allows us to raise positive awareness for the special needs.

‘It saddens me when people see Daisy and tell us how sad it is that she has to live with a disability.

‘By sharing Daisy’s story, we hope to show people that disabled dogs are not as fragile as people may think they are.

‘They are highly adaptable, can live happy lives, and most importantly, love you unconditionally.’

~Via The Daily Mail

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