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What You Should Know About Hair Masks

By Alyssa Martinez @ItsMariaAlyssa

A hair mask is a nourishing and loving coat that helps the hair to rest, recover from bad weather, heal from harsh treatments and regain its natural strength after dye jobs. Whether the hair mask is homemade or is branded, the benefits are worth all the pros and cons tagged along.

What Should Know About Hair Masks What You Should Know About Hair Masks

Branded hair masks may contain chemicals that have effects depending on the hair and skin type. Whereas homemade masks are considered mild and safe to use they are messy and can clog drains too.

Wondering how a hair mask can give your hair the best shine? Here are some tips for using the wonder product:

1. Sleep In A Hair Mask For The Best Results

Dry hair is hard to manage, comb or style. Sleeping in a hair mask makes the hair soft and silky, and it becomes less of a worry during styling time. It is advisable to apply the mask after a shower or directly to the dry hair.

The mask can be messy, and the last thing someone wants is to have stained beddings in the morning. A shower cap or a silk heads scarf comes in handy to keep the mask restricted to the hair only till it's rinsed off in the morning.

2. Read Manufacturer's Instructions

Hair masks are different in many ways as they are from different brands, have different components and different concentrations. There are masks that should be used on a daily basis while others can only be used one or two times a week. The frequency at which these masks are used depends on the hair type and the extent of the damage.

A mask that will match the need at hand and has clear instructions is best suited as directions should be followed to the letter. If the manufacturer states that the mask should be left to sit for 1-2 minutes or 15 minutes it should be nothing less or more than that. Homemade masks though messy are easier to use as they are made from natural ingredients.

3. Regulate The Masks

Masks application gives any hair a good looking, healthy, smooth and shiny results. Using the masks frequently does not guarantee the best results as overuse can lead to damaged hair. Once a week application use is enough and allowing the mask to set in for two minutes will still boost the hairs moisture as required.

4. Rinse Off, Shampoo And Condition The Hair After Masking

Building up Leftover mask can be messy and damaging to the hair. A thorough rinse, shampooing and conditioning the hair after the masking makes sure there is no mask left on the hair. It is also easier to manage, comb and style the hair after conditioning.

5. Comb The Mask Through The Hair Ends

Wet hair should be managed with a wide tooth comb, and this is also useful on hair with a mask. The mask should be combed to the hair ends before its left to sit. This makes the mask to get to the hair tips which are fragile and prone to split ends.


Hair masks are there to give the hair enough pampering after all the harsh conditions subjected to it. The hair should be soft, smooth, healthy and shiny even after being exposed to harsh weather or after making it go through other hair management processes.

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