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"What You Don't Know About Web Content That Can Hurt Your Business"

Posted on the 28 August 2011 by Wardknows
When it comes to marketing your business online, content is king.  When sourcing the content for your website and other online marketing channels, make the quality of the content your primary goal. Avoid the temptation of overloading your website or blog with low quality content that is poorly written or produced by low cost providers that use article spinning software to quickly produce articles without writing any original content. Content produced from article spinners can usually pass on plagiarism sites like Copyscape, but the content will sound awkward and will read poorly because the automated manipulation of text produces content with words and word phrases that are out of context with the content that immediately precedes or succeeds them.

Here's a good example of the poor results you can expect from article spinning software:Original Phrase Says: "It is better to give than receive."
Modified Phrase Says: "It is better to concede than receive."Obviously, the modified phrase just doesn't sound right and doesn't quite make sense. Concede is a verb that must be used with an object. It means to give in, acknowledge or grant permission. Example: Governor George W. Bush expected Former Vice President Al Gore to concede the presidential electionGive is a verb that can be used with or without an object. The original phrase uses the word 'give' without an object, so the context is clearly not the same between the original phrase and the modified phrase. This example shows that quality content does not come from article spinning software. If you use it on your business website, it will reduce readership and make your business website look amateurish. Your content will rarely be read by your target audience, it will be laughed at instead. The best investment a business can make is in quality seo marketing content for their website, since it makes the greatest impact on whether a visitor trusts the content and trusts your business. After all, if you can't handle the job of sourcing meaningful content for your website, why should your business be trusted to perform its services in a competent manner either?Quality web content represents your business well and engages your target audience with information that is interesting to consume.  I use the word "consume" intentionally because good content has a lot in common with good food. Quality content has to satisfy the intellectual hunger of your target audience and it should be fed to your audience on a consistent basis, for the most effective marketing results.Once your content grabs the attention of your target audience, you have an window of opportunity to sell your product or service as one that meets some immediate need, solves an immediate problem or serves as an investment that pays some kind of future dividend. The best    seo content seamlessly educates your audience on the intended topic while unobtrusively pitching your product or service as a solution to satisfy one or multiple customer needs. 

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