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"3 Ways To Generate More Traffic To Your Website Or Blog"

Posted on the 07 March 2012 by Wardknows
Generating more traffic just takes is a commitment on your part to continuously nourish your audience with engaging doses of information in your area of expertise. Here are the Top 3 Ways To Generate More Traffic To Your Website or Blog:1. Become an Article Writer or Guest Blogger - this is one of the best ways to show your expertise and attract traffic to your website. However, don't use your off site articles or guest blog posts as an opportunity to directly sell your products and services. Put yourself in the reader's shoes and make sure you provide your target audience with helpful information, tips and how-to's on your area of expertise. Write your articles from a one-on-one coaching point of view! You can strut your stuff on sites like or To attract attention to your website, make sure that you create a short bio that appears at the end of your article that links to your website or blog.2. Use Localized SEO Keywords & Content - it is easier to rise to the top of the organic search results in the major search engines like Google and Bing when you use geo-targeted keywords. This is very critical for service businesses where distance or location is critical like: towing services, car rental services, real estate services, daycare services,medical services, etc. because your customers will search for your business by location or distance. To make their search easier, do the following:
  • Add/embed maps on your web pages using Google Maps or Mapquest
  • Add your business to Google Maps
  • Add zip codes, subdivision names, neighborhood names, landmark names and other identifying information to your web page titles, URL's and web page content.
  • Add your business to local directories, like: 

CitySearch Free Business Free Listing Yahoo Local Free Business Create A Listing3. Give Advice and Interact With Your Customers - the Internet is first and foremost a huge database with an infinite number of bodies of knowledge. Think about all of the resources and reference materials that exists on the web on every subject imaginable. Why not solicit questions in your area of expertise and provide the answers that your existing and potential clients are desperately looking for? You can solicit and answer questions in many ways, including via a blog, a vlog, an interactive webinar or via a recorded podcast. Any of these methods for giving out advice creates a high level of user engagement and will generate more traffic to your website. You can also create free email courses to build new relationships to help your business grow.Have a question about how to increase the search ranking of your website? Send me your question (to demi.w.ward >at<,  and I will promptly respond to you via a post.

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