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What You Can Do to Help With Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

By David13676 @dogspired

What You Can Do to Help With Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

Unfortunately, a huge amount of dogs are sent to shelters and even euthanized because their owners simply cannot deal with separation anxiety in dogs. However, with hard work and leadership, a dog’s separation anxiety may be controlled. It takes lots of dedication, training and patience, but in the end, you and your dog will have a healthy and happy bond.

Dogs have a special bond with their owners. Sometimes the bond between a dog and his owner becomes dependent, and leaving him for any amount of time can cause anger, confusion and anxiety. The stress of dealing with separation anxiety can be extreme, and the problem needs to be dealt with as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

What is Separation Anxiety?

Dog separation anxiety occurs when a dog has a strong, over-attachment to their owner. About 10% of puppies and dogs experience separation anxiety. It’s not exactly known why separation anxiety affects dogs.

It is important to determine if your dog is simply bored while you are gone, or if he has a case of separation anxiety. Dogs may be unhappy when you leave the home, but only dogs with separation anxiety will cause a problem.

Possible causes of separation anxiety may be:

- Puppies who have been separated from their mothers too soon. Puppies think when you leave the house, you will not return. Since you are their new mother, this can be very upsetting for your dog.

- Shelter dogs. These dogs can be troubled. Sometimes separation anxiety may be from a previous abusive owner or being neglected in shelters.

- A change in his environment. This may include moving to a new home, a new addition to the family such as a new pet or a baby or a death in the family may cause separation anxiety in your dog.

- A traumatic experience. An event such as a thunderstorm, car accident, fire or earthquake may trigger separation anxiety.

You can learn more about separation anxiety causes, symptoms, treatments and training tips at www.dogseparationanxietyresource.com.

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