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What Would Your Choice Be?

By Plot58 @plot58

what would your Choice be?Today I potted on my tomatoes as my 3 year old decided wile daddy was at work she would look after them for me and water them LOTS like she did my onions! (And we all know how that ended up!)They were very wet indeed and starting to show signs of over watering so fingers crossed I got to them in time. The sowing season has really kicked into gear now and almost all blogs that I read have had some mention to it in some way or another, but what if you could only grow one type of vegetable what would it be? And why?
There is such a vast choice in catalogues these days and new variety’s resistant to almost everything appearing year on year which is like candy to a baby with us gardeners we always want to try new things and this enviably leads to it being added to the long list of veg we try to grow each year on our allotments
But if you could only pick one? Well this is such a big question and one that I have given a lot of thought to and for me it has to be…………………..
plain and simple couldn’t do without them I think the chef in me made the decision not the gardener because you just can’t beat the taste of a freshly picked tomato, that joy you get from the first tomato of the season the warmth you get when you put it in your mouth then it explodes and sends your taste buds wild that can’t be replicated by supermarkets. There is also a tinge of sadness when you pick the last tomatoes of the season then realize you will have to live off supermarket tomatoes for the winter.
what would your Choice be?It is such a versatile vegetable it can be eaten cooked or raw there are so many things you can do with a tomato soup and sauces right down to having it as the main part of your meal. And the choice well there must be hundreds of different variety’s Plum, cherry, Yellow, black and the simple salad tomato I could spend all day listing them all.
Sweetcorn was a close second because no matter how hard you try you just can buy sweetcorn that tastes as good as home grown.  In my opinion it’s down to the fact that they are picked and then in the pot within a few hours. Also now a days the price, today I noticed that in Tesco they were £2.99 for 4 cobs that just robbery!
Let me know what vegetable you could not do without and why.

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