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What We Look For, We See

By Ldsapologetics
I've always wondered about people who insist Harry Potter books are Satanic or Lord of the Rings for example. Some people see things that aren't there because they're looking for them so naturally that's what they see.
I wrote a post called Hate is too great a burden to bear based on the Dr.King quote about how hate is a negative burden whereas love is positive and truly freeing. 
I shared this in a LGTB Mormon facebook group and was called a racist for it. I have no idea where the offense derived from even after rereading it half a dozen times upset that I may have written something offensive but I couldn't see how a post that basically said hate is bad and love is good was so wildly offensive.
People were looking to be offended and so they were. People fear Satan and see his influence even in places it is not.
What if we instead of looking for Satan everywhere and declaring the world as evil and sinful began looking for Christ in everyone we meet, in the words and actions of others? Wouldn't out eyes then see Christ more often and as more influential than Satan?
Would we be more upbeat and charitable? Would we see that all people are Children of God rather than seeing our enemies as children of Satan? And wouldn't it be easier to love our enemies if we see them as children of God?
Gandhi said "“If you don’t find God in the next person you meet don’t waste time looking for him further."

When we see someone as evil or Satanic most grant themselves an exception the the love your enemies teaching. There is no exception. And those who are under Satans influence need love the most. Love is what can free them from their bonds.Buddha said our thoughts create our lives. So if we chose to see more good than bad that's the life we create for ourselves and everyone who is a part of our world. There is evil in the world but I believe there is more good than evil just as I believe good is more powerful than evil. Good will triumph.What We Look For, We See

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