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What To Know Before Buying Drums

By Phjoshua @thereviewsarein

So you want to be a drummer? Cool. Drumming is a fun hobby and, who knows, you might just be the next John Bonham or Gene Krupa. Whether you're into rock music, jazz, pop, or reggae, drums are essential in keeping the rhythm and tempo of a song. A drummer is often regarded as the backbone of the band.

It's easy to be confused when it's your first time to buy a drum kit. There are several things that you should seriously consider before purchasing a set of drums. Just like any musical instrument, not all drums are the same. Find out about the different types of drums, the important parts of a drum set, and how to choose the perfect set.

Here are the details you should know while you're deciding which drum set to buy:

Main Parts of a Drum Set

A drum set is a collection of cymbals and percussion instruments played with a drumstick. A standard drum kit consists of:

🥁 The snare drum, also known as the side drum, which is played with a drumstick
🥁 The bass drum, also known as the kick drum, which is played using a pedal
🥁 The tom drum, typically one or more, played with a brush or drum stick
🥁 The hi-hat, which is two cymbals mounted on a metal stand, and controlled with a foot pedal
🥁 The cymbals, usually one or more, played with a drumstick

Aside from the main parts of a drum set, other items can be added. But for beginners, the essential elements of an acoustic or regular drum set are listed above.

Electronic drum kits, also known as digital drums or e-drums, are designed as an alternative to traditional drum sets. Electric drums have their advantages, but regular drum sets are preferred for live performances because of the authentic sound.

What To Know Before Buying Drums

Age and Skill Level

The world's most renowned and skilled drummers did not gain their prowess overnight. If you are serious about drumming, you should invest in learning. The most expensive drum sets will not be any good if you don't have the right skills or technique to play it. Children and adults benefit well from taking formal lessons.

The type of drum set that you should buy also depends on the one who is going to use it. Are you buying it for your child or for yourself? There are many beginner drum sets for kids as there are different types of professional drum sets for adults.

Here's a guide in buying drums for every age:

6 years old and below

Toy drum sets are good practice instruments for young kids but you should not expect these drum kits to last long since most are made of plastic. A temporary drum set is a good option for introducing drumming to a small child. These drums are typically priced under $100.

6 to 11 years old

A full-sized drum set may be difficult for a kid to reach every drum. A junior-sized drum set is suitable for bigger kids, especially if they have improved their drumming skills. Junior acoustic drum kits usually cost around $200 to $500.

12 years old and up / Adults

Children aged 12 years or older can start using a full-sized drum set, especially if their drumming abilities have significantly improved. If the child is having difficulty reaching all the drums, you can lower or adjust the drum components. Adults should buy a regular-sized drum set since toy drums or junior drum sets do not provide the same drumming experience.

What To Know Before Buying Drums

Acoustic or Electric Drums?

Every drum buyer has a different set of preferences when looking for the perfect drum kit. There are different kinds of drum sets available out there.

Back in the day, you wouldn't have to choose between a traditional drum set and a digital drum. But now, there are more options for every type of musician. While both electronic and acoustic drums have distinct features, the type of drum set that you should buy must meet your needs:

Acoustic Drums vs. Electronic Drums

Experience: A traditional drum set provides a more authentic sound than an electric drum. Since electric drums have mesh or rubber drum heads, the beats may sound different than what comes out of a regular drum head. The differences in sound between an acoustic drum and an electric drum may negatively impact your drumming technique due to inaccurate notes. Although electric drums have significantly improved over the years, the sound of electric drums will never replicate the sound of an acoustic drum.

Cost: A good electric drum set will set you back $500 to $1,000. While this may seem relatively cheap, a standard beginner's drum set will cost under $600. You can even get a secondhand professional drum set at a bargain price if you're lucky.

Portability: One of the advantages of owning an electric drum set is that you can move it around easily and bring it with you anywhere. If you travel a lot and you want to continue practicing your drumming, you should invest in a digital drum kit.

Space: Regular acoustic drums take up plenty of space. It should not be a problem if you have ample room in your home. However, if you live in a small apartment, you may have difficulty allocating space for your musical instrument.


Choosing the type of drum also depends on your purpose. Are you planning to practice all the time even while travelling? A compact digital drum set like the Yamaha DD-65 may be just what you need. Electronic drum kits are also perfect when you are practicing in an apartment or dormitory where space or noise is a big concern. Although electronic drum kits do not have the authentic sound as a regular acoustic drum set, it is a good investment if you are new to drumming or you want a portable set to bring with you when traveling.


The price of a basic drum set is typically in the range of $300 to $1,000. These sets include the basic hardware and cymbals. High-end drum sets will set you back a few thousand dollars. When choosing the best drum set, you must first consider how much you are willing to spend. If you're willing to spend more than a thousand dollars on a drum set, choose the one that you can grow with as you improve your drumming skills. If you are serious about playing drums, you should consider your drum set as an investment.

What To Know Before Buying Drums

Brand New or Pre-Loved?

As discussed earlier, your budget is an important factor when considering what type of drum set to buy. Aside from a brand new set, there is also an option to buy used drum kits. If you want to buy a pre-loved drum set, you must be sure that the instrument is in good condition so you can get the best value for your money.

The advantage of a new drum set is that you can be sure it has a warranty, and that it has no damage or any defects from manufacturing. However, if you are keen on buying a used drum set, you should ask the help of an experienced drummer to check out the kit's hardware, shells, and cymbals before buying.


Whether buying a used drum set or a brand new one, you should remember that quality is very important. Finding a good drum set can be difficult with all the available brands in the market. There are a variety of drum sets that you can buy at every price point. However, it is also true that cheap drum sets will have flimsy hardware and cymbals, requiring you to have them repaired or replaced in the near future. It is best to save up to buy a branded drum kit than save a few hundred on something that won't endure all the drumming that you will be doing.

When buying drums, you want to make sure you are buying a high-quality brand. There are many brands of drums in the market, whether electric or acoustic. While it may be tempting to buy an unknown brand for affordability, keep in mind that a drum set is an investment. Just like any other musical instrument, choosing a reputable brand means you can expect it to last many years.

Established brands use high-quality wood such as maple, poplar wood, and birch for drum shells, while brushed or die-cast aluminum and steel are used for drum hardware and support. It helps to read reviews of different drum brands before buying your very first set. Fortunately, there are many helpful blogs and websites offering advice on choosing the best drum set.


It is crucial to consider different factors before purchasing a drum set. There are hundreds of drum kits to choose from, and buying the right type of drums can be very difficult if you are not sure what to look for. Most importantly, you must understand what your objectives are in buying a drum set to help you get the most suitable instrument for your budget.

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