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What Time is It?

By Kipper @pghsportsforum
It's Lambo time.
It's time to interject some life in this offense.
It's time to "upgrade" at a position that really needs more production.
It's time to see if Lambo can hit major league pitching.
He has nothing more to prove in AAA.
Yes, Tabata has been getting some hits. Mostly singles, and singles can still score runs. Presley has had his moments as well.
But it's time to put Lambo in the line up and see what he can do.
Waiting any longer, is just prolong the step. Get it done. Lets stop the bleeding.
If the Pirates don't take 2-3 from the Cards this week, they are going to have a hard time winning the division.
The pitching is starting to show some cracks.
Lirano gave up 10, AJ gave up 6. Locke was better today, but his previous starts didn't go do well. Cole has been inconsistent, Charlie is still working his way back and has been inconsistent as well. Now Wandy may not be back until September.
This IS Lambo time.
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