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What the What???!!

By The Persephone Complex @hollycassell

anigif 2This is just a quick post to celebrate reaching my first 100 followers! I’m not going to do a ridiculous Oscar-speech-thing ( ‘I’d like to thank Blogger, and Google, and everyone at Starbucks for putting up with me, and my Mum!!! Hi Mum!! Love you!!’) but I just wanted to thank each and every one of you for joining my blog, and for all the lovely comments that you give me every day. I never thought people would be so nice about my little corner of the internet. I’ve met some seriously awesome and talented young people on here, and the amount of inspiring shit I get in my inbox now is just immense. I want to thank you all for sharing with me, and for reading my crazy posts in return. I wish I could reach out into cyberspace and give you all a big, creepy hug. You know, the kind that goes on just…a little bit…too…long. There. Consider yourself hugged. Oh and sorry for the grainy GIF, I did it in bed, on my shit webcam. Cause I’m glamorous like that. I'm going to practice until I become as good as Vilte, but until then just go and look at hers, they're way better. She's like a cooler version of me, with pink hair and serious art skills.

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