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How To Use Fixed Spell Candles (And Interpret The Flame)

By The Persephone Complex @hollycassell

As most of you will know, I launched my own little candle shop recently. This is something that has been "in the works" for a long time, and I'm so massively grateful for the support I've received so far. All your messages, orders, retweets and photos of my creations on Instagram really mean the world. There will be lots of shop-related blog content coming up in the next few weeks - how I came to work with Lace And Whimsy on the "Divine Feminine" collection, I think, deserves it's own post. For today, however, I wanted to talk a bit about what fixed candles are, and address common questions about how to use them.

All the candles I make could be described as "fixed". This is because they are fixed in intention, set in their energy, dressed with herbs, crystals, or oils for a specific purpose. You don't have to add any extra magick to them, if you do not want to, or don't know how; they already have mine. They can be left alone to work on your behalf. You can, of course, adapt them for your own spells, rituals, meditation, or celebrations. But it's not essential for you to benefit from them. Many of my customers tell me they notice a difference before they even start to burn their candle, just from having it around the house.

Candle magick is alchemy, and interpreting how a fixed candle reacts and behaves is part of the witchcraft of it. If you want to interpret your candle more closely, get a notebook and take down anything you notice about it. Look at whatever feelings come up. Compare and contrast. Move it to a different room, and notice the effect the shift in energy has on the flame. Work from your intuition, first and foremost, but here are some general guidelines you can take into account when it comes to translating anything out of the ordinary.

The Candle Won't Light Or Stay Lit: It might not be the right time to use it! Think over whether it's really the ideal time to begin your working, or if you're ready for what you're asking for. For example, maybe your Aphrodite candle keeps going out, and you're wondering why because you feel so desperate for a certain person. That person might not be right for you, or you might need to spend some time on your own before you call in a new relationship. Set it aside for a while and rethink your intention.

The Glass Container Shatters While The Candle Is Burning: Fixed candles are made using shatter-proof glass, designed to withstand ridiculous temperatures. The jars I use for mine have never shattered during the pouring process or during product testing. Conventional witchy wisdom says that should this happen, you must cover the shattered candle jar with anything you can; a bell jar or upside down bowl/vase would work fine, so long as the whole jar is covered and contained. This will trap any negativity the candle caught for you. You can then dispose of it away from the house.

The Flame is Dim Or Flickering: This is low-vibration, weak, almost smothered energy. The flame isn't getting any air, so to speak, which means your working isn't getting any power behind it. This happens sometimes when there's a large obstacle to overcome or there's density to clear. Keep your focus and keep trying until you achieve a strong flame.

The Flame Is High And Strong: In short, a strong flame signals a strong working. If the flame shoots up high like a blowtorch, it is being well "fed" and consuming a high amount of energy. This is an intense, but positive sign. If you have multiple fixed candles on at once, examine their flames to see where your power lies at the moment, and where you might need to place more attention. Your Athena might be burning bright and steady, but your Hera is flickering and dim, for example. What could this tell you about your work/home life? If your flame is jumping and inconsistent, there is explosive, volatile energy involved.

The Candle Is Smoking For No Reason: Smoke is usually a sign of manifestation. What is being manifested exactly, can depend on the direction and colour of the smoke. Is it drifting off in the direction of the bedroom, or the doorway? Is it drifting West (water, emotions, creativity) or South (fire, soul, passion)? Again, make your own interpretations based on your situation.

A closing note on practicalities. Soy wax has a memory, and will burn to the parameters it went to the first time. If you don't keep your candle on until the whole surface is wet the first time you use it, you risk candle tunnelling. Because my candles are designed for manifestation, they are ideally burnt in one long sitting. If you have to snuff it out and come back another time, make sure the whole surface is at least molten first. This can take several hours, as they are incredibly slow-burning. If you've followed these guidelines and can't explain why your candle is acting so spooky, hopefully this post has shed some light.

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