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What the Dickens?

By Ashleylister @ashleylister
Unfortunately this week Lara is unable to write a blog. Her replacement, Vicky, then went and got herself all broked up and everything. So, 'ittle peeps, you have me again.
This time I will attempt the subtle art of nonsense mixed with Dickens. A sort of Lewis Carroll / Charles Dickens mash up but without using their original texts. So nothing like a mash up at all, which is a good thing. Though it has given me an idea for a later blog.
So, standing in for Vicky, who was standing in for Lara, who had taken over from Vicky...
Here is the Thursday Blog.
What the Dickens? Did you know that Charles has chickens?What the Dickens? Chickens?Yes Chickens, and Kittens.Chickens and Kitten?What the Dickens?He also has Rats.Rats? in his flat?Yes rats, wearing hats.Rats wearing hats?With Chickens and Kittens?What the Dickens?Yes Charles has rats,And Chickens and KittensWhat the Dickens?Charles also has snakes.For goodness sake!Make no Mistake, he has snakes.Snakes in a flat with rats wearing hatson top of chickens and kittens?There is a petition.A petition? What the Dickens?To get rid of the chicken,And the kittens.What the kittens?Yes the kittens,Well they had lost their mittens.Kittens losing mittens in a flat full of chickenswith rats wearing hats? Where's the sense in that?And make no mistake, he has also got snakes.Snakes with rats and Kittens and ChickensAnd Mittens and hats in a flat?What the Dickens?

Turned out more Dr Seuss in the end.

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