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What's Your Travel Personality?

By Travelersmind
If someone were to ask me this, I am not entirely sure how I would answer, mostly because I think my travel personality is a combination of many different attributes. I am definitely a planner, but I also appreciate veering off the beaten path every once and a while and exploring new places. I am cautious most the time, but I have been known to take some risks when traveling. In all honesty, my travel personality is a mystery to me. And that is exactly what American Express is banking on.
American Express launched a new travel website called NEXTPEDITION, which analyzes your personality by asking a series of travel questions. Once you discover what you are, the company encourages you to speak with a travel expert to find out what kind of trip you would be interested in and how much you budget for your vacations. Then, AmEx will deliver a "mystery" trip with details about the destination to be revealed as the departure date approaches. You will get a smartphone-like device that will give you details about the trip every week. This concept sounds a bit familiar, doesn't it? For those who read my blog on a regular basis, you may recall a post I wrote about mystery vacations. The big difference is the personality aspect.
What's Your Travel Personality?So, in an effort to learn more about the website--and discover my own travel personality--I decided to take the quiz. Some questions were pretty easy to answer, like what I would seek out if I was in Hong Kong (of course, real dim sum) or what did I just spend way too much money on (a vintage bottle of wine) or what I would do if the zombie apocalypse was real (grab a bat and start swinging). After answering all 15 questions, the quiz provided me with three signs, and a percentage as to how much I fit with that personality. I got Poshaholic, Detourist and Tasteblazer. You can select anyone that you think works the best for you, and I figured I was somewhere between Detourist and Tasteblazer, so I opted for the former. I was then given the option to share my travel sign on Facebook and speak with a representative to get my trip started. I already have trips planned this year, and do not have the funds to plan another one, but there is potential for me to use this feature in the future.
So even if you are not planning a trip, I recommend taking the quiz, if not for the results, then certainly for the questions. Some of them are pretty interesting. In the end though, the results may surprise you, and if nothing else, you may get some ideas as to what kind of vacation you want to take in the future.

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