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What's Your Happy Colour?

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

What's Your Happy Colour?

Sunset over Wellington NZ harbour

Having just spent the past 5 days running a Personal Colour Analysis training course I've been thinking lots about color.  Part of the course covers psychology of color and I like to think about what colours mean to me, or to you and why.
An experience with a client one day really brought home the understanding of a "happy colour"  it's like a psychological trigger in a color that instantly makes us feel happy. My client loved orange, he had 20 orange ties, but unfortunately orange was not a color that suited his colouring as he had soft and cool colouring and the orange made him looked jaundiced and ill.
Interested to find out why he loved orange so much I started asking.  At first he had no idea, but then with further probing about his childhood he told me that his bedroom when he was a kid was painted orange, and he associated childhood with fun, laughter, no responsibilities and freedom.  So of course here was the link between his love of the color and his emotional response to it.
Now, just because a color doesn't suit you doesn't mean you can't have it in your life.  Because for my client orange was clearly so important and made him feel good instantly, it's really important that he surround himself with orange in some way or other.  Instead of wearing orange ties, and because his wife wasn't keen on painting the walls of  their house orange I suggested he find some artwork such as a sunset or the like, that was predominantly orange so he could sit and absorb the color every day.
 I've realised that my happy color is a certain shade of hot pink.  I have rubbish bins, folders, diary, phone cover, notebooks all in this shade of pink.
What is your happy colour?

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