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What’s Your Favorite Love Story?

By Robert Bruce @robertbruce76

So Valentine’s Day is on Saturday.

Naturally, I’m overly eager to talk all about romance novels. You know me: I love a good romance novel.

In order to beef up my extensive TBR list of romance novels, I’m using today’s Monday Question (on Tuesday) to ask you guys a simple query: What’s your favorite love story?

But that brings us to another question—what is a love story really? Like, would you say Gatsby is a love story? Or Gone with the Wind? Don’t we often classify love stories as love stories when they’re not really love stories?

I can’t say I have a favorite “love story” per se. If I have to pick, I recall liking The French Lieutenant’s Woman a few years ago when I read it. Atonement is pretty good as well, and you could classify that as a love story.

But what’s your favorite love story or romance novel?

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