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What's Really "out There"?

By Tantrawave @planetbuddha
A couple of days ago, on my own blog, I posted about the reasons why I like Star Trek.
The way that show looks at one possible future for the human race intrigues me. Humans, exploring the galaxy, meeting new beings, getting themselves into trouble, but always persevering, always going further, never giving up and going home.
We've used our imaginations to "foresee" our own future for countless generations, conceived new ideas, created new things, and yet, I wonder, have we even scratched the surface of what is really possible?
All the things we believe in, all the things we hope for, all the things we hope will be in our future, but in essence, do we really know what's going on in the universe?
I truly believe that there is a whole lot more going on in the universe than what we can even imagine, and that is a very sobering thought. What kinds of beings are out there that we can not only not see, but can't even conceive a thought about? Our minds are fairly good at making up some pretty wild stuff, but what if everything we think is out there, or can ever comprehend, is just the beginning?
There was an episode of Star Trek that explored this in a way, where they found that every possible outcome of every situation DID in fact happen, in countless "alternate" universes, and for some reason, there was a point where those universes converged on one spot in space, and could be seen by everyone. Who's to say that even something like that isn't possible?
I think it would be shortsighted of us to assume that we "know" what is going on, just because we use our eyes to see what's in space, or anywhere else for that matter. Our senses are limited, and I believe there are a lot of other "dimensions" to existence than those we can readily see or detect. It is a fact that everything in our physical world "vibrates" at a certain frequency. But there are a lot of other frequencies, and it stands to reason that there are many many other universes and living beings that operate on those frequencies, just as we do, but, because of our limited ability to perceive them, we know nothing about them, and can scarcely imagine that they even exist. But, I believe that they do.
There is SO much more going on "out there" than we can possibly imagine, that's a fact. If you can open your mind to the possibilities of existence, and assume that there is nothing you can assume, well, then anything is possible. There may be entire universes existing right alongside our own, but just because we can't see them, it doesn't mean they can't or don't exist.
Someday I hope we develop a way to see them all, because that's the exploration that awaits us, the countless possibilities.......of existence.
What's really

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