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By Tantrawave @planetbuddha
Chimeras are characteristic of classes of demonic and demon-god species, but I've noticed that Hell-being manifestations are "sustained," they have difficulty holding onto their forms.  For example, they might manifest as someone familiar to you, but the facade falls apart rather quickly; it's unstable and momentary.  That familiar countenance might fall apart to reveal thousands of entities participating in a morphic field to manifest a person, animal, or thing, or perhaps there is one such demon-god or demon who tries to maintain a countenance or appearance, which can only be sustained for so long because the inner nature quickly bursts forth to make the appearance crumble.  The being might yawn, for example, and the facade will transmogrify into something utterly unrecognizable. Their modality can be taken as metaphor for humans, perhaps humans in the process of forfeiting their humanity or have already forfeited, who are falling and devolving, or having fallen and have devolved, to realms of higher-entropic (both thermodynamic and informational) Dark Energy (in contrast to Dark Matter) disintegrations, greater white noise, more elusive vicissitudes of Chaos, and shockingly random wave-functions which instantaneously collapse with the default weight of Habitual-chreodal entrenchments. You have met them. They are the ones who "hide in the light." They usually appear to be the nicest people, the most friendly. They're like slimewad salesmen and grifters seeking prey. Then soon, in a matter of little time, they'll be psychically vampirizing you. They cannot help it, it's their resonance (or dissonance, however you want to view it) with the nether-fields, some of the dynamics of which were listed above. But even helpers and heroes emerge from those depths, and beautiful stories of salvation, evolution, will, endeavor, hope, and ascent are evinced, even from the unfathomable depths of the chthonic Abyss, the bottom of the bottom of the Abyss of existence. This is the domain of 333, and the primordial deity has risen. This is a god, and not a god. This is a demon, and not a demon. This is, in terms of cosmic nonduality, Consciousness-as-such in all of its levels, the totality of being.  In terms of duality, this is the personification of Chaos.  With new Aeons new divinities manifest, it's a new time of End Times deities.       

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Yantra of the Three Poisons: Greed, Hatred, Ignorance


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