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What's rBGH?

By Kali Jay @chicmeparis
What's rBGH?In 1994 dear Monsanto discovered 
the way to synthesize bovine somatotropin (the peptide hormone produced by the cow's pituitary gland) or recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH) using recombinant DNA technology through a genetically engineered E.coli   in order to increase the production of milk by stimulating cows glands. Saint Monsanto called Posilac this revolutionary 'pump' and started to market it aggressively all around. Luckily it has been banned in Canada, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Israel and all European Countries.
What's rBGH?By law, Monsanto lists on Posilac label over 20 toxic side effects that rBGH has on cows, so how could US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) allow Monsanto to sell this transgenic poison to farmers? There are voices that talk about strong pressures placed by Monsanto and its lobbyists on the FDA, but surely there are many ties between the multinational and the US government, including Supreme Courts of Justice, the cited FDA and the Environmental Protection Agency. 
So what are the most evident side effects on cows health? Despite a low increase in milk output (11%-16%), there are huge consequences on animals health: a 25% increase in the risk of mastitis (infection of the udder), a 40% reduction in fertility and a 55% increased risk of developping clinical signs of lameness. What about the effects on human health? rBGH-dairies induce a 70% to 1000% increase in the levels of the hormone IGF-1, which is not destroyed by digestion because it's protected by casein so it might be easily absorbed by our body. 
What's rBGH?In 1995 Renato Baserga's laboratory has shown that IGF-1 is required for the establishment and maintenance of tumors because it protects cells from apoptosis (programmed cells death), it accelerates tumor growth and affect its aggressiveness. Moreover as I said before, cows that are injected with rBGH are prone to develop infections of the udder, so they are treated with antibiotics. This leads to an increase in pus as well as antibiotics residues in the milk you drink.  
Don't be blind. 

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