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By Clairejustalittleless
What's new?Hello lovely readers! I thought it's about time that I put pen to paper, bare my soul a little and get on with my blog.

You see, Just a little less has been on hold again, which is fine, but I would like to give it some new energy and explore some different areas with you. 

I doubt if I'll be writing about minimalism very often from now on because whilst it's been an amazing tool in my life – namely in giving me much needed freedom from the traps of consumerism, in helping me to downsize my house and career and in enabling me to reclaim my well being – minimalism is also, to be honest, a very restrictive subject to write about. I think I've put enough 'How to...' minimalism posts out there already and quite frankly I've got nothing new to say on the subject. 

Now I'm ready to write about the rest of my life post-minimalism: how I struggle with perfectionism; aging joyfully; juggling different roles; learning new roles; my interest in self-improvement and self-care; how to stay motivated and organised; and discovering passions to fill my hard-won time. 

I've been dissatisfied lately with blogging, both my own, and the fact that many of my old favourites have disappeared. I've found YouTube to be more engaging, honest and uplifting and have found some fantastic inspiration on a variety of topics and from vloggers as young as sixteen. It's the intimacy, honesty and personality that draw me in but I don't want to become a vlogger. 

Instead, I wonder if this intimacy can be recreated in the written word. I hope so, because it's how I feel I best communicate and writing is the perfect creative outlet for me. 

I'm very reluctant to close this blog right now because my instinct is that it's still an important part of my life – but I've got to reflect on why it's not inspiring me and make changes to address this. 

So, today I'm testing the water. 

I'm very much looking forward to writing fresh posts and exchanging ideas on all manner of topics in the near future. I aim to keep inspired about my content whilst not having to devote too much time to it or feel that it's a chore. I'm sure that's why many blogs close.

That's a challenge. But I love a challenge!

It'd be great to have your support. 

Thanks for reading and take care xo

What's new?

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