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What's Missing from the Russia Collusion Investigation

Posted on the 20 December 2017 by Doggone
What's missing from the Russia Collusion Investigation Why is no one in the media and this "investigation" talking  to the people who voted for the third parties?
Seriously. It seems that we are being ignored for the duopoly supporters who somehow see the election as being fixed.  Not in the way it was fixed where Hillary Clinton was pretty much the nominee before the voting began with the primary being shown up for the sham process it is, but that is a whole different post.
The e-mails we were told all along weren't an issue have somehow become an issue. That seems to be one of the main points in all this.
Then there is the social media aspect to all this, but most of the social media chatter I was party to pretty much featured people disgusted by Hillary Clinton without having to have anyone else add to the mess. The clip below wasn't set up by Russians, but was Hillary uncensored:

Was Russia behind that?
Hillary Clinton "lost" to Donald Trump in the Electoral College, not in the popular vote, which is a fact that no one seems to be discussing.  On the other hand, that should be front and center in all this since the Electoral College is supposed to prevent foreign interference in the selection of the chief executive.
The bottom line is that Hillary's campaign which was run on hubris lost to a campaign which has been compared to a clown car.  The problem is that the media isn't looking at the home grown system which led to this disaster but is fixated on "Russian Interference" which would be minimal if it existed at all.
The truth is out there,  but don't expect to see it being discussed in the Main Stream Media.
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