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What's Keeping Me Tangled ..???

By Sayantanigd
Than you so much to those who have been following BAA from the start till now and still follow us despite of my irregular posts. We are surely coming back with a bang after this month . ..
Starting off . .Here's a few reasons why I have been missing from the Blogging World . .
Work :
I have been in a job for the last few months and it's become hectic to pay attention to the blog. I love blogging and it takes me at least a day to click pictures and arrange the posts . .I know it' slow but I want the post to be special . .And not a Random one. .And I also do research and then write a Blog post so that needs at least 5 hours and also I have limited time. .

What's Keeping Me Tangled  ..???

A Recent Shot Outside My Office

Freelance Writing:
As you all may know I also do freelance writing and other skincare and beauty related posts for Indian and Abroad websites which requires a certain amount of time too and I usually devote a 1 hour or 2 hour slot to my Online Writing . .Which is also my a good source of Income which is mostly spent on BAA . .
I am preparing for a better job  . .So that requires a good deal of time and effort. Which is also a reason for me to loosen up on the BAA.
I have a closely knit small family and a loving Fiancee. I have been too much engrossed in work and BAA  . .Writing etc that I was really missing from Life last year so I have decided to be there for them  . .At least for some time. .. The time I get from juggling all of that I do each day  . ..
Sad News: 
The sad part is I had around 20 product pictures ,many makeup looks , around 1000 shots taken and edited on my Hard disk which suddenly stopped working so those pictures are gone. .And I have shortage of time in the Day to shoot them again . Also most of the products are fully used up and some are even thrown away . .And as I promised earlier you won't see the usual boring product pictures on BAA like most Blogs I can't just click pics and give them on the Blog..That's another reason that I'm not being able to blog. .
So that was it .. .I don't want to promise to return tomorrow as I will not be able to . .The posts will be coming in sometimes after July . .When I will get more time in my hand I will post on BAA. .
The post may sound like a list of Excuses but they are not. ..I just felt really bad being away from BAA ..And as a part of BAA you all have the right to know why BAA is lacking in posts. .
Hope we will be up and running soon ..I also have a plan to upgrade the Blog and make it Grand adding many new genres and types of posts .. . But all of this will have to wait till I make it till Next month and Resume BAA ..
Till then  . .
Ciao  Ladies. . .And Thanks again for being there with BAA. .
What's Keeping Me Tangled  ..???
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