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What's In My School Bag?

By Jessicavenoy @lovelyjesscuh
If you're anything like me, you're nosy and love posts that show what's in people's shame, haha! Since we are officially in August (which is ALWAYS back to school month in my mind - even if I'm not in school) I wanted to kick off this month with a what's in my school bag post :)
What's In My School Bag?It should be no surprise to y'all that organization/planning makes my heart so, so happy. I take a lot of pride in toting around a carefully organized school bag - yes, I'm serious, lol. So let me list off what's inside and then we'll get into the details:
  • 1-1" binder (catch all for class papers)
  • 4-spiral notebooks (1 per class)
  • Macbook with a Caseapp custom laptop skin
  • Happy Planner (LOVE - whole post coming soon)
  • iPad
  • Pleasure book (Currently: Mastering Your Mean Girl)
  • S'well water bottle 
  • Travel purse
First off here is a closer look at my school bag:
What's In My School Bag?
This is a custom made Brtch MFG tote that I am obsessed with. One of my friend's husband makes them and he does such a great job. Plus hello...anything turquoise = sold in my book. There is SO much room for activities in this bag. Adam always gives me a hard time because I can't leave the house without a fully packed bag - and let me tell you, this one gets the job done.
What's In My School Bag?
Next up I want to show off my beautiful custom laptop skin from Caseapp. Isn't she pretty?! I have a few scratches on my laptop and this skin masks them perfectly. I also got a matching custom iPhone case which you can see below. HEART EYES. 
Caseapp was kind enough to send me a discount code that y'all can use if you want to customize your own skin and/or case :) Just use the code LOVELYLITTLETHINGS20 for 20% off of your order. And honestly - their prices are already so affordable (take it from me - ballin on a budget over here since being back in college) so I would definitely suggest you take advantage of this deal. The code is good through August 10, 2016! Happy shopping!
What's In My School Bag?
I also bring my iPad and a pleasure book in my bag - I use my iPad during class to follow along with Powerpoint presentations and my laptop between classes to work/answer emails. I always like to have a pleasure book with me, too. That way, if I have a few spare moments I can sit down and take a "brain break" by reading something that isn't school related.
I don't like carrying my purse AND my school bag around so I have a "travel purse" (aka a $5 zipper thing from Target) inside my school bag that I keep purse-like things in: ID, debit card, chapstick, hand sanitizer, hair ties, mints, etc. 
What's In My School Bag?
The last thing I'm going to talk about is my S'well bottle. YOU GUYS. My Grandma got this for me and I have used it every single day for the last 2 months - no joke. It doesn't leak at all, it keeps my water cold, and hello how gorgeous is it? They're a bit pricey, but like I said, I've used it every day, and all I drink is water so it was a good investment for someone like me (thanks, Grandma!).
I'll be giving y'all more details about my planner (hint: it's my dream planner) in another post (see below).
I've decided to do a "Back to School" theme around here this month so be on the lookout for a planner post (requested after posting a video of my new planner on the gram), how I organize my school supplies, and my study tips!
xo, Jess 
Note: Caseapp sent me the laptop skin and the phone case but all opinions are my own.

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