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What’s In A Smile? Everything, Apparently!

By Beautyblogger @crowscupcell

What’s In A Smile? Everything, Apparently!

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We’ve all heard the importance of making a great first impression. And we’re also familiar with the old adage “you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.”

But recently, while I was interviewing several candidates for an upcoming project, I caught myself paying less attention to their words and more attention to their expressions, gestures, and yes, looks. At one point, I found myself fixated on the first candidate’s…errr…no-so-white teeth. The following candidate, however, could have come straight from a Colgate commercial. I was completely mesmerized by her perfectly shaped, refrigerator-white, 100-kilowatt smile. The interviewee who ended up landing the gig? Surprise, surprise…the one with the amazing smile.

So, is a dazzling smile the difference between semi-success and major success? Will a better (and perpetual) smile make us appear more attractive to others? Appear younger? And, ultimately, bring us more happiness? Yes, yes, yes, and yes. Read on…

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What’s In A Smile? Everything, Apparently!

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