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What's Everyone's Take?

By Kipper @pghsportsforum
Curious how everyone feels about this team. Here are my thoughts on what I've seen thus far.
1. I love the grit this team shows. There is no quit in them and the group seems to be close-nit.
2. I'm still not sold on the pitching. Too many holes and I think the addition of all the new arms hasn't turned out like the FO hoped for. It seems that a lot of pressure will be put on Glasnow and Taillon when they are called up. Getting Hughes back will be welcome.
3. Does anyone really expect there to be 9 .300 hitters on the team throughout the season? (Look at yesterday's box score---count 'em. 9)
4. The lack of power will catch up to them. Walker's trade not looking so good, is it Neil?
5. Cubs in a runaway this season. Will the Cards rite the ship and make the playoffs? Hate to say it, but unless mid-season changes correct our situation, it will be tough to make the playoffs.
6. I know it's early. You don't need to remind me why they play 162 games.
Pitching staff is in shambles. Cole has been OK,same as Liriano. Cutch has to get it going. A player of his status can't start this way. They've been exactly how I predicted. Barely over .500. I think that's where we will finish.
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