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What Really Gets My Goat?!

By Ashleylister @ashleylister
Prejudice and ignorance!
In some small degree it could be argued that we are all guilty of those qualities, but when they come to the fore in a greater sense, that's what really gets my goat!
I was brought up to respect others, to realize that we are all VERY different, that everyone has their own opinion of things which may differ greatly from our own. I was brought up to understand that although I may not agree with that opinion, I should respect those beliefs however narrow minded they may appear.  When people voice opinions which are derogatory to my family and lifestyle however, I am just as guilty of rising to the bait as anyone else would be and give as good as I get.  I have a pleasant demeanour and a very long fuse, but you don't want to be on the wrong side of me when I reach the end of it!
Some time ago now, there was an "incident" whilst I was out shopping in a large well known Supermarket, with my son (who is Autistic) and my Mum. My little man was quite excitable that day and when he gets that way he makes humming sounds and flaps his arms around a bit. It is one of the ways he expresses himself as being happy.  As I was waiting to pay after putting my items through the checkout, my Mum was with my Son at the other end in the queue.  I noticed that the people stood behind were talking to my Mum and that she was replying in a more vociferous fashion. I could not hear what was being said, which is extremely fortunate for those other people. They had insulted my son and called him a "Spastic" and said that I should learn to control him. My Mum dealt with the situation admirably, doing exactly what I would have done, as did the lady on the Checkout who had heard the exchange and refused point blank to serve them. My Mum didn't tell me what had happened until we had left the store, perhaps just as well really. I wrote a poem not long after entitled "Ignorance", but it never quite felt like it got across my exact feelings about the matter.  I fully acknowledge that I am one of those people who can never seem to find the right words or insults at the very moment they are needed, always thinking later on: "Oh, I should have said ......".  So for this weeks theme, I've tried to better it:

Judge not, lest ye be judged:
Standing in judgement
Denigrating in a verbal assassination
Your words spew biliously
Through lips used to kiss your Mother.
Who are you to decide
Where I am going wrong?
Your intolerant behavior towards my son,
Insults tearing at my blood,
Not just through my skin
But that of my Child's.
Contemptible and cowardly,
You've reached an all time low.
Barely pausing for breath
You deem him "subnormal",
Ignorant of the fact
He's more intelligent than you!
Are you really so perfect?
A flawless Adjudicator
Of what is "The Norm"?
Your pernicious persecution
Shows an inescapable pestilence
In your character!
Look down from atop your Ivory Tower,
Is it very far to fall?
For one day it will crumble
And you will be left
Being trodden underfoot
Of those you have scrubbed into the dirt
Beneath your despicable vindictive tread!

Thanks for reading. x

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